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If You're Planning A Road Trip Honeymoon, Here's What To Keep In Mind!

Tanya Puri, 12 Nov 2017

Just you, your husband, and the open road— What could be more romantic than that? Whether you’re trying to save money or can’t get the time off work for longer, you can take a little post-wedding road trip and have an unconventional and a fun honeymoon! 

Here are a few helpful tips to make your trip a less bumpy ride! 


At first, planning a road-trip honeymoon sounds like a pocket-friendly venture. And while it certainly can be an affordable trip, you still have to set a budget.From accommodations and petrol to pit-stop expenses, you can start to blow through your honeymoon fund quickly, if not planned. Before you decide on where to go, discuss how far you can afford to go. Figure out your vacation priorities! 


Before you take your car out for that exciting spin, make sure you get it checked, especially filters, fluid levels and the oil. Check your tire pressure and the condition of your wiper blades, turn signals, brake lights, and high and low beams. Most importantly, examine your air conditioner thoroughly— you do not want to be stuck on the road on a roasting summer day and find the AC go kaput! 


Decide how much time you’re willing to spend in the car. Some couples don’t bat an eye at a 12-hour drive while others need a break after just a few hours on the road. Talk to your husband and decide how many hours or even days you’re willing to spend in the car. 

Depending on that, planning for the time spent in the car together becomes just as important as packing your essentials. The last thing you want is to ruin your romantic adventure with road trip boredom, so prepare some on-road entertainment and use that playlist up! 

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Packing a little food is your best bet. Don't pack for the trip to and fro, but definitely pack things like a little chocolate, energy bars, cookies et al. Keep refilling these few things at every stop, or at places where you find a grocery store. Don't pack anything that might spoil through the journey. It will cost you time and money. No limit on the water, though! 


For a smooth sail, plan your trip thoroughly with some of the best road trip apps, that will not only make your listing tasks easier, but also provide suggestions, advice, and tips. Check app ratings and download it right away!


A bit tricky to claim for, travel insurances don't always cover everything or every location. The best thing to do would be to take your itinerary to a travel agent and ask for advice. Depending on the places you're staying at, the routes you're travelling on, the agent would be able to tell you whether you really need insurance or not.

When most people think honeymoon, they imagine far-flung destinations. But there's no rule that says you have to hop on a plane after your wedding, road trip honeymoons can unexpectantly be a better decision.    

So, would you go the road-trip way? Tell us know in the comments below! 

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