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Sweet & Romantic Ideas for Guys to Surprise their to-be-wife before the Wedding!

Shweghna Gursahaney, 10 Mar 2019

You grooms-to-be may not know this but the time just before the wedding is the most stressful time for the bride. There are a zillion things that she has on her mind and she wants to take care of everything, like the wedding clothes, the decor, hair & makeup and what not! This may also be the perfect time for you to swoop in and surprise your soulmate by doing something she wouldn’t have ever imagined you to. This won’t only have your bride head-over-heels for you till the wedding but even after that. How’s that for having a happy start to the wedding? ;)

Best surprise ideas for your lady love

A Little Relaxin’ Did No Harm

Make the love of your life feel stress-free like never before by sending her to a luxury spa. Throw in all sorts of sessions like full body massage, hair spa, foot massage, sauna etc. After getting this super lazy and cosy day, your bride-to-be will be back at her game and this time with full swing.

A Sneaky Little Getaway

Surprise the bride by sending her sister or friends and her to a little getaway. Be it a night at a hotel she likes or sending her to a nearby hill station. Give these last 2-3 days to her, where all she has to do is spend time with the people who are the most important to her. We guarantee, she will fall in love with you all over again!

Have You Got Any Culinary Skills?

Sometimes a hearty meal is all it takes to make somebody super happy and rejuvenated. So, bring out the chef in you and prepare a mouth-watering meal for your soulmate. Your bride won’t only get the dish she drools for but will also get a super adorable moment to cherish forever!

Send Something Personal

Remind the bride of the love that led to the wedding in the first place. Send something personal to her like food from the restaurant you both swear by or send her DVD of the movie which brought you guys closer. Note it, she will be full of tears when she’s reminded of those beautiful memories

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Take her on the longest drive possible

We believe that a long drive is a solution to almost everything and this time too it will do wonders for you. Pamper the bride-to-be by feeding her with ice creams, talking to her about the wedding or just re-live the good old times you guys spent like this together. She will feel a lot calmer and will have somebody who has got her back. Go get some Redbull, you have a long drive ahead! :P

Bring Out the Child in Her

There will be no better time than the time before the wedding to make the bride-to-be do something silly or kiddish like taking her for a game of paintball or crashing somebody else’s wedding. This will help her laugh and forget all the wedding stress she had before.


Which one of these surprise ideas are you trying? Tell us in the comments section below!