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"I was somehow sure, we will be together forever" The Love Story Of Shruti & Siddharth Through The Lens Of Shiv Sharma!

Neha Garg, 17 Aug 2015

Thank you for walking beside me, and for wanting me at your side

Thank you for making me smile, and for smiling along with me!

Siddharth and Shruti (SS) met with a coincidence on an official trip that turned the chapters of their life. Shruti shares, I remember, when we were coming back from the trip, Siddharth once said, “he had an epiphany and felt as if everything around him stopped for a moment when he looked at me, he wanted to spend time and know me well”. I couldn't help, but smile! We started chatting and talking more often, the number of meetings increased with time and each time it was a different feeling. I could sense a kind of connection with him and was somehow sure, we will be together forever.


How did he propose to her?

Siddharth planned a trip to Jodhpur, and there he proposed to me. At sunset, he walked up the turret, held my hand and said, ‘though I don’t have much to offer, but really want to spend the rest of my life with you, I want to see the world with you and experience everything’. There were no words that sounded more beautiful than this, and without taking another moment, I said YES! He then slipped the most beautiful ring on my finger.


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Sangeet Ceremony


The couple on the Photographer, Shiv: Siddharth and I wanted to hire a photographer who we can be comfortable around, and there could be no one better than Shiv. We met him once where he gave us a lot of details about wedding photography, without even expecting us to hire him. Shiv is really professional and keeps his word. He was always on time, made all the required arrangements and never let us down. He made the experience better and captured our most special moments. He met our families in advance and discussed what we wanted to capture in the functions. He is quite a sport and ensured everything is captured. He got additional photographers to cover various angles so nothing is left out. We are really happy that we shared this experience with him.

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Shruti   Shruti 1

The Wedding Day

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Shruti on her Makeup Artist, Shallu Chandla: Shallu is an absolute gem. I spoke and found comfort working with her. I usually don't wear makeup, so needed someone who could help me through it, but not impose their ideas on me. She is amazing at her work and makes every possible effort to do your hair, makeup the way you want. She doesn't make any fuss like a lot of other makeup artists. She is an amazing person and I have already recommended her to a lot of friends who are soon going to get married.

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Shruti on her husband, Siddharth He is the only person who I love more than anything and everything. He is so kind, caring, and loving. He is ready to experience new things and loves to travel, just like me. He sings to me, tucks me in, at night, and write beautiful poems. He has a very good sense of humor. Being with him makes me happy. He is my tall, dark, handsome prince. 

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Shiv,  the Photographer on the couple Shruti and Sid make a wonderful pair, I loved capturing their special moments. I would have to admit that Shruti has been the coolest and the most fun loving brides I have photographed. I am so grateful that they have given me a chance to record their once in a lifetime memory. I wish them abundant happiness and success. Cheers!!

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A thank you note from Shruti: First of all, Manasi, Siddharth's sister. She was a huge support. She ran all over the city to help me shop, get the cards printed, keep the parents calm, choreographed, helped us and Siddharth's friends prepare dance performances, and much more! The list is endless. Joey, more than just friends to us, helped out constantly with a lot of arrangements. Things we couldn't figure out, we just asked them to figure out for us, and they always did better than we ever could. Siddharth and my parents were always there. My mom made endless trips to stores, jewelers everywhere in Delhi to get me all that I wanted. You know how moms are! My brother, Shwetabh, and his wife, Dewanshi, though could reach India only a few days before the wedding, but they helped us in making our wedding a gorgeous one. Also, my cousins Avni and Akshay helped a lot. And in the last, my dearest friends, Aanchal, Cindrella, Arpita, Ipshita who travelled from different parts of the country to be with us on the most memorable day of our lives! Thank you all so much!


Photographer: Shiv Sharma

Makeup Artist: Shallu Chandla

Wedding Venue: The Uppal Ecotel Hotel, NH8

Shaadisaga wishes that marriage fills their heart with love and joy!

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