As newlyweds what you're probably most excited and anticipatory about is your honeymoon. Right from deciding upon your destination and shopping for the moon to packing all your essentials, it would undoubtedly be getting you all cray! Well, if you've recently married and planning to go on your honeymoon soon then you're in for a treat here!

We all love perks, complimentary services, extras, and free privileges moreover, if it's our honeymoon, we'd love anything that'd make it extra special. And to help you in having an extra special honeymoon, we're going to let you in on some tips and tricks on how to take advantage of being a honeymoon couple. From upgrades and perks to certain surprises that you can receive while you're honeymooning and how is what we've listed below for you.

Just take a note of these best ideas to take advantage of being a honeymoon couple and try using them. You might end up with a little extra and special perks while you're living your dream!

Best Ideas to Take Advantage of Being a Honeymoon Couple

1. Social media first!

As cheeky as it might sound, this could actually be of your aid. Commenting on a post of the place that you'd be visiting on your honeymoon and bringing it to their notice might get them to do something special for you. This hack undoubtedly makes up for a great way to take advantage of being a honeymoon couple.

2. Choose a new and unique destination.

Choosing any of the uncommon honeymoon destinations is sure to put you on the advantage of being a honeymoon couple with lots of extra perks. The restaurants, as well as the hotel of a lesser known destination, would be more than happy to make your honeymoon as special as possible. For the places that are still trying to establish their base and desiring goodwill and name for themselves would undoubtedly try their best to rack in as many happy and satisfied customers as they can.

3. Choose the timings of your honeymoon wisely!

Scheduling your honeymoon during a busy season lower downs your chances of securing a hotel and a flight upgrade. With no or lesser number of first class seats and better and luxe suites available, the flight and the hotel staff wouldn't be able to help you even if they really want to. Try going for your honeymoon in or around off season for maximum availability of free rooms and flight seats.

4. Mention it while making your reservations or check-ins.

While making your reservations, make sure to let them know that you're coming for your honeymoon. Also, remind it at the front desk at the time of your check-in. The hospitality business is all about maintaining that goodwill and keeping the customers happy. Letting your hotel or resort well in advance about your honeymoon status might lead you to grab some perks of being a honeymoon couple. Be it a suite upgrade or some extra bottles of wine.

5. Make sure your flight staff knows.

First things first, mention it that you're a honeymoon couple and ask if there are any upgrades available at the time of the check-in. You might be in luck who knows, right?! Also, let your flight's crew know about your honeymoon which might lead them to take special care while serving you or maybe even plan a little surprise or a gift!

6. Casually mention it at the restaurants you dine at!

This trick is one of the best ideas to take advantage of being a honeymoon couple. Simply and very indirectly mention about your honeymoon status to your server. Free drinks, a dessert or a complimentary dish is what you might get as a surprise. The restaurant would obviously try to make your honeymoon more memorable for you.

7. Be vocal and upfront about it!

Well, gone are the days when you'd be shy about things. Basically, there's nothing wrong in being direct or vocal about what you desire. You can try asking directly (obviously, be very courteous and polite) at the time of flight and hotel check-ins if they'd provide you with an upgrade since you're honeymooning. There's no harm in trying and if not an upgrade, you might get something complimentary atleast and frankly, even that would be something!

Lastly, remember, your honeymoon isn't about getting advantages of being a honeymoon couple and not being able to rack in any perks shouldn't get you dsheartened! Of course, a little freebie would make it more special but seriously, enjoy while it all lasts!

With all the honeymoon perks that might await you, make sure to be as kind as you can to your service providers as they're putting an effort to make your journey a memorable one. Return the gesture with lots of love and online recommendations.



Let us know if you have any hack or trick up your sleeve, in the comments below!

7 Ultimate Ways to Take Advantages of Being a Honeymoon Couple

by Divya Arora

7 Ultimate Ways to Take Advantages of Being a Honeymoon Couple