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How To Plan A Bridal Shower For Your Bestie!

Geeta Masurekar, 16 Mar 2016

It is always a whole lot of mixed emotions when your bestie is getting married. On one hand, you are excited that she is finally going to be whisked away by her charming prince and a little sad on the other because life will never be the same carefree affair again. However, you don’t have too much time to dwell on those feelings because as her bestie and maid of honor, you need to get about planning for her bridal shower!

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The bridal shower is one of the first parties, in the series of bashes to follow. Since you may not have any experience of hosting one before, we have prepared a checklist to swing you through the preparations like a breeze!

90 days:

Set a date in accordance with the bride and the guests that will be expected to make some time for the event. Make sure all her family and friends are there. If it is an all-girls event, dig into her school diaries to get numbers of her friends and invite every single one of them. Plan a bridal shower to take place atleast a month before the actual wedding and start planning for it approximately 3 months in advance. All things aside, throughout the all prep and execution, always keep a clear communication with the bride. After all, the shower is to congratulate her for this new chapter in her life! So get her tastes and likes involved and only then decide whether you want to host a quiet bash in a quaint tea house or a noisy romp in an upscale bar.


60 days to the bash:

Make a stylish and quirky invite and send them out to your guest-list, specifically asking them to RSVP to the event. This will help when you get to the food and drinks part of the bash. Work and establish a budget with your team (all your other friends are going to be helping, right?) Get the music, food, and drinks in place in case you have planned to host the party in-house. Make a complete list of things to do and assign tasks to team the bride. If the party is going to be held in a restaurant or nightclub, make reservations well in advance to avoid disappointment!

30 days to the bash:

One month to the party, get the props (if it is a theme party), and compile a gift list for guests to choose from and get for the bride. This way, you can avoid duplication, and the bride can have what her heart desires. Call your guest-list as a reminder and ensure their presence at the party.

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15 days to the bash:

Buy YOUR gift for the bride. Get your outfit sorted. If you are working with a theme, treat yourself to a stylish new dress! Buy the alcohol stock in case you are planning to serve cocktails and go through the menu with the caterers to avoid last minute hassles. If you plan on going to a nightclub, check with them and confirm your reservations. Pick up cute return gifts. A week to the bash, confirm your RSVP’s, gift wrap the returns, decide the décor, and plan some fun games to play at the event. A day before the bridal shower, whisk your friend to a day at the spa and spend all day relaxing. After all, both of you must look your best! We hope this list has helped you gather your wits and prepare you to host the most splendid bridal shower the city has ever seen, all for your dear bestie!