How To Pick The Perfect Jaimala To Bring Out The Best Of Your Outfit!

Neha Garg, 22 Sep 2016

Frantically running in my house during the last minute wedding preparations, I realised I had forgotten an item for a significant ritual of the wedding ceremony. I picked up my phone and dialled the number of the wedding planner and screeched on top of my voice:

“Just a day left for my wedding!" "Where are the jaimalas?" "I only want baby pink and white roses!”

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And to my surprise (okay, let's call it a shock), the planner replied "that can't be done". My mind had a thousand questions ready. What? Why? What am I going to do now? Was it too late to find jaimalas that would complement our wedding outfits?

The planner calmed me down and made me understand that in such a short notice it was difficult to find baby pink and white roses. I was completely disheartened as I had thought they were a perfect combination for our outfits. To cut it short, my husband and I ended up exchanging jaimalas made of orchids mixed with red roses (though, I was still sad for not getting pink and white roses!).

Well yes, it is ‘this’ important to decide what colour (and design) your jaimala will look. A mismatched jaimala will have high chances of affecting your overall look and you also might end up getting not-so-great pictures. After selecting your outfits, choosing the right colour of your jaimala that would complement the colour of your and your groom's outfit is the second most important thing, thus, picking the perfect is really essential. And to help you pick yours, here are some jaimala colours and designs from our real couples:

A soft baby pink jaimala on peach and blush pink outfits will maintain the harmony of your minimalist look. 

Peach and Baby Pink Jaimala Baby Pink Tuberose Jaimala

Image Credits: Coffee Stains (Left); Mahima Bhatia Photography (Right)

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If you're wearing green or gold coloured outfit on your wedding day, we suggest you to opt for red roses to bring out the best of both colours. 


Image Credits: Girl In Pink Photography



Image Credits: WeddingNama

Red Tuberose Jaimala

Image Credits: Fotografia9

And for brides, who are planning to wear pastel shades, go for orchids as they are just the perfect combination on a light colour tone. You can also try orchids on red or gold outfit. 

Purple Orchids Jaimala

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Image Credits: The Photo Diary

Red and Gold Tuberose Jaimala

Image Credits: Fotografia9

And not to forget, white and baby tuberose jaimalas also look stunning with pink, red, orange and dark colour outfits. 

Red and White Tuberose Jaimala White and Baby Pank Tuberose Jaimala with Green Leaves

Image Credits: Avnish Dhoundiyal Photography (Left); Bhumi & Simran Photography (Right)

Baby Pink and White Tuberose Jaimala

Image Credits and Featured Image Courtesy: The Photo Diary