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7 Easy Ways to Get Happy & Pretty Feet before your Wedding

Divya Arora, 19 Jan 2019

Frolicking amidst all those beauty regimens, pre-bridal sessions, hair treatments and fitness routines, the one aspect of bridal primping that most brides-to-be tend to miss out on is taking care of their feet. Regardless of how teeny-weeny and trivial it seems to pay much attention, keeping your feet healthy and flaunt-worthy is an unmissable essential being a bride. And as a bride-to-be who's taking her diet, her spas and her beauty pampering crucially before the celebrations begin, making your feet gorgeously wedding ready should be on your list too.

We're sure that as a bride you wouldn't want your feet mehndi photos or your foot jewellery shots also flashing your cracked dry heels and dark toes. And if you're sufficing yourself with that one "right before the wedding" pedicure session then believe us that's just not enough! You sure can start taking care of your feet at least a month before your wedding, right? And it's not really a difficult task!

Wondering how to make your feet pretty for your wedding? With these easy-peasy tips that we've listed here and your set dedication to follow them, flaunting those soft and smooth feet at your wedding would be indispensable.

Ways to Get Gorgeous Wedding-Ready Feet

1. Do wash your feet at the end of the day!

Washing your feet only while in the shower is simply not enough! It is essential that you wash your feet properly with lukewarm water every day before going to bed too. It'll keep your feet bacteria and smell free.

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2. Moisturize, moisturize & moisturize! Oh, and vaseline too!

Don't forget to moisturize your feet with a body lotion or foot cream every time you wash your feet. Dry feet are a big no-no! To treat excessive dryness and cracked heels, before going to bed every night, apply a thick coat of petroleum jelly or vaseline on your feet, slip into your socks and leave them on overnight. Repeat this every night for a few days and you should start noticing a change surely!

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3. Say no to tight shoes and painful heels.

Try not to wear tight shoes and uncomfortable heels for at least a month or two before your wedding! Shoe bites and blisters caused by painful shoes takes weeks to heal and go away. Avoid redness, sore feet & shoe bite marks simply by wearing footwear that's comfortable and leaves your feet with space to breathe!

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4. Socks are going to be your best friends!

Whenever stepping out of your home try keeping your feet covered and not exposing them to direct sunlight and dirt. Avoid too much of open footwear and opt for comfy shoes, loafers or belly flats that keep your feet covered. If at all you're stepping out with exposed feet don't forget to lather some sunscreen on. Also, putting your socks on for a few minutes everytime you moisturize your feet will help in retaining the moisture and healing cracks & dryness in a much better way.

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5. Lighten your dark feet easily.

Lighten your dark or tanned feet with these simple and natural home remedies without spending a bomb on treatments and flaunt your happy feet.

  • Potato Juice helps in getting rid of pigmentation and in fact, acts as a bleaching agent. Rub a good amount of potato slice on your feet for a few minutes & leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water and moisturize well.
  • Yogurt is known for getting rid of tanning and dead skin because of the presence of lactic acid. Massage your feet well with yogurt and leave it for 10 minutes. Rinse it with warm water and repeat this a couple of times every week.
  • Gram & Curd Pack: In a bowl mix 1.5 tbsp of gram flour with 1/4 tsp of turmeric and a few lemon drops. Combine it with yogurt until it gives you a desired paste-like consistency. Rub the paste onto your feet for about 10 minutes, let it dry and then wash it off with lukewarm water. Do it three times a week for a month at least to achieve desired results. Also, this pack works for the entire body!

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6. Exfoliating does help!

Exfoliating is essential to get rid of dead and dry skin. Don't forget your feet whenever you're exfoliating your body. Use a good body scrub or make one by mixing coconut oil or olive oil with sugar or coffee grinds.


7. Set a "pedicure session" regimen!

Don't miss out on your pedicure sessions and make sure to have frequent ones to see the effects over the period of time. The pedicure massage helps in maintaining the blood flow and keeping your feet & leg muscles relaxed which makes it all the more essential for you to not skip out on them. Trimmed nails, clean toe crevices, and dirt free nail beds are a must for healthy breathing feet!

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How are you taking care of your bridal feet?