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Donate Food From Your Wedding To Those in Need – Let Us Show How!

Medha Chawla, 18 Nov 2019

At a time when most couples are making a conscious choice to make their wedding celebrations eco-friendly and charitable, isn't it a great idea to join the wagon? It definitely is! 

As a responsible wedding planning portal, we are always looking to educate our readers on how they can make a difference during their D-day. We recently introduced you to some easy yet impactful eco-friendly wedding ideas, and taking the saga ahead, here we’ll tell you how to donate extra food at your wedding.

This might be the last thing on your mind during the wedding shenanigans but it is true that every wedding witnesses a massive wastage of food. As per the record figures, as much as 40% of total food gets dumped in the bins. Isn't it so discomforting to see these figures while knowing that millions of people die of hunger in our country each year? Well, this is where you can opt for Food Donation and be a part of the fight against food wastage at weddings.

How to donate food at weddings?

Food donation at weddings is no longer a new concept and is being adopted by even celebrities. Yet there are a lot many people who want to donate, but are unaware of how to actually donate food at weddings. There are a lot of NGOs that enable the process of food donation to the underprivileged. One among them is Zomato Feeding India, a not-for-profit organisation that you can contact to donate food from any event including your wedding. You just need to fill up this easy form on their website which asks you some basic details like your name, contact number, date of the event and the preferred time of food collection. That is it. Everything else is taken care of by their volunteers.

The Zomato Feeding India volunteers or logistics partners come to the venue with food containers and their vehicles at the requested time, collect the food hygienically after checking it for quality, and then distribute it at a hunger spot to those in need. You don't have to do anything apart from making the first move, i.e. filling up this form and paying the cost one plate of food at your wedding (the amount is used to arrange transportation and food delivery).

Some important things to keep in mind

- Have a word about food donation with your caterers beforehand because many top-notch caterers already have a tie-up with NGOs that facilitate food donation.

- Try to inform the NGO about the event/wedding dates at least 7 days before, it lets arrange everything beforehand. However, don't hesitate to inform them even if it is on the same date (it is never too late!). 

- Be sure of what all aspects of the food donation will be taken care of by the NGO. If some arrangements like pre-packaging of the food are to be done from your end, speak about it already and accordingly delegate the responsibility to the caterers.

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- Make sure that the food is edible and safe to consume before it reaches the underprivileged because donating food is a charity that comes with great responsibility.

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