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How To Colour Contrast Your Jewellery With The Wedding Outfit!

Sudatta Bhattacharjee, 26 Dec 2016

Are you planning to pair your pink lehenga with pink gemstones? Like seriously, do you even know what year is this? Well, we belong to the 21st century which means we have the liberty to do things as we wish to. Hey, not that you CAN'T pair your pink lehenga with pink gemstones but a contrasting jewellery with an outfit can be an absolute treat to the eye!

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Things To Keep In Mind When You're Opting For Contrasting Jewellery

•  If you don’t fancy monotone shades and want to keep your bridal outfit very colourful, it would be wise to stick to pearl sets.

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• If you plan on wearing your outfit in the shades of red, pink, yellow and even orange, close your eyes and go for emeralds. The grassy colour really stands out well.

  Image Credits: The Lightsmiths (L); Mahima Bhatia Photography (R)

• If you are pro-pink, it means your wedding outfit is also has to be pink. Pair up your bridal attire with a red ruby neck piece instead of the regular pink matchy set you were planning to wear. Dear bride-to-be, you simply have no idea how ravishing you will look. Try it out yourself and you can always thank me later!

 Image Credits:Kamal Kiran Photography

Contrasting your outfit and jewellery has taken the wedding ball game to a different level altogether and I firmly believe contrast is the best possible way to coordinate your wedding outfit. Didn’t we all see how Sania Mirza paired her red outfit with a stunning diamond neck piece embedded with emeralds on her sister’s wedding? She looked spectacular and we heart her entire look!

 Image Credits: Cupcake Productions (L); Lakshya Chawla (R) 

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Also, it is not necessary for you to wear all your jewellery pieces that belongs to a particular set. It’s okay to go OTT but don’t do that just because it’s your wedding day. Well, I have a solution for that as well:

Keep the colour of your dupatta in mind and then go for the contrast jewellery. You can always match up your jewellery with the edge colour of your dupatta. Look for the colour of your jewellery stone or of different other sets and simply mix and match (you can always choose different pieces from different sets of your jewellery).

 Image Credits: Karan Sidhu Photography (L); Jodi Clickers (R)

Bonus Tips

• A low neckline is a must! Brownie points if you have a long neckline and if you don’t (awww, it’s still alright) just make sure you have a low blouse-line. A wider neck-space or a low blouse-line will automatically give that required space for your contrasting jewellery to fit in and enhance the look of the contrasting jewellery. You can always layer your jewellery with chokers and satlada neckpieces. 

• If your blouse neckline is round or a boat, you can always go for round for broad shaped jewelleries along with heavy danglers. If it’s a V-shaped neckline, make sure you go for V-shaped neckpieces.

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These brides dared to contrast their wedding outfit and jewellery! Will you? Tell us below!