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How One Biker Babe Ditched Convention To Have A Minimalistic Wedding!

Sanchita Kalra, 22 Mar 2017

With real wedding submissions pouring in our inbox every day, it gets tough for us to find the one’s that we love the most. And as we (or maybe it’s just me!) are suckers for everything fresh and unique, we came across this pretty interesting story of a biker girl who got married in an unconventional way, or should we say, the exact same way that she wanted to? Conventions can go to hell!

The Quirky Proposal (Which Never Really Happened!)

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Priyanka Kochhar (the bride) who is a model and India’s only female motorcycle blogger met Rishaad (the groom) during one of the racing events in Noida through a common friend. By the end of the day, her phone died and she had to request him to click her pictures. And when she asked for those pictures, he creepily said, “if you want these photos, I'm going to need your number to send them to you”. It’s been 4 years now since they have been together!

The Unconventional Bride

As Priyanka has always been a complete tomboy, she didn’t want her wedding to be too traditional. And that’s what she precisely did. She let go of being the typical traditional and shy Punjabi bride, and instead was loud and brash as she didn’t give a damn about what the guests would think of her! Even for her mehendi, she opted for a simple design as compared to elaborate mehendi styles.  

The Minimalist Bridal Look


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Since Priyanka is a model, she wanted all her bridal looks to be minimal. And for that, she approached Nelly Wadia, a renowned fashion stylist and a close friend of hers who helped Priyanka with all the budget, outfit, jewellery and even with the makeup and hair. What's most interesting is that Priyanka, being a care-free bride, didn't care about matching the theme of the wedding. For her, it's always important to dress up rather than going crazy about other things!

The (Untaken) Pheras

Priyanka says, “we decided not to do pheras because the Parsis (Rishaad is a Parsi) worship fire too and do not circle it, so we didn't want to end up offending the religion. We had a blessing ceremony and took our own vows instead”.

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Venues: Mehendi- Kochhar residence in Pune, Engagement & Sangeet- The Sun-N-Sand in Pune, Wedding - The Poona Club in Pune, Réception- The Ladies Club in Pune | Photographer: The Photo Diary | Wedding Planner: Bride’s parents, Sunil & Meena Kochhar | Makeup and Hair Stylist: Tarsha Khorana | Stylist: Nelly Wadia | Bride's Engagement Outfit: Natasha Dalal | Bride's Wedding Outfit: Sabyasachi Mukherjee | The Décor Artist: Innovative creations in Pune