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Real Grooms Who Went Out Of Their Way To Surprise Their Bae

Anupriya Khanna, 07 Dec 2019

Finding someone who makes you laugh until you cry and goes an extra mile for that one smile is truly a blessing. What’s even better is finding a true soulmate like these real grooms who literally set the bar high and surprised their brides with their sweet acts of love that have us winning! And trust us, they’ll leave you smitten too. It’s not every day that you come across grooms dedicating a special dance performance to their better-halves, planning special proposals or for that matter, shedding a few tears seeing the love of their lives walk down the aisle. So when we did, we knew it had to be shared with you! Compiling all our favourites in one place, we bring to you an overdose of 'OMGs', 'Awws' and all those jittery feels. Get some tissues handy cuz these lovely grooms are gonna take you on one helluva emotional drive!

Real Grooms whose sweet little gestures for their brides got us winning over and over!

This groom who took out time to write personalized vows for his bae (Don't we all want one too?)

Our first reaction when we saw this groom showering her bride with flower petals and truckloads of love-"We want a man like him!"

This groom drew a freakin' live portrait for his bride and it's the best surprise we've ever seen!

This groom who put up a groovy Bollywood entry for his ladylove. *Can you guess the song?*

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Musical Dedications? Hell, yes! This groom sang a song to his to-be wife as she walked down the aisle and it's sure to make you go AWW!

Well, the above video reminds us of the man behind the lens who first caught our eyes with this trend!

Yes, we're talking about ace photographer Lakshay Chawla who sung a beautiful song for his beloved wife at her entry

And these grooms who also made for perfect bridesmaids by taking over their duties so well!

Pinning her Saree pleats

Tying her footwear

Setting her hair

Fixing her jewellery

Preventing her from Tripping

And at the same time, being a true gentleman!

Never knew Airport proposals were a thing until we came across this one. This groom literally nailed it!

This groom took the proposal game a notch above and we really don't know what to say! (*goes in a corner and secretly cries*) 

This bride got a surprise gift from his baby-boo just before walking down the aisle and we can't stop gushing over his sweet gesture!

He sent her a Burberry bag along with a sweet note that read, "On the wedding day, 5th January 2018, the most awaited day of our life, Can't wait to start my new life with you. See you, Love You!"

Look at these grooms who took the 'Tenu Leke Mai Jawanga' feels quite literally!

The mushiest real grooms who popped the big question in the most dreamy setups ever! (We're stealing all the ideas!")

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This groom who cried looking at the love of his life all decked up in her bridal glory, realising how beautiful she was!

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When the groom knew exactly what to do to make his girl happy-'Have some fun!'

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This groom did everything possible to surprise his woman-from planning a surprise proposal to singing the sweetest rendition of 'How Sweet It is' by James Taylor for her!

And lastly our personal favorite! This groom who secretly invaded the bride territory and put up a surprise flash mob for her on their favorite SRK songs. *Hearts Melting!*

*No, we're not crying, you're crying!*


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