Your honeymoon photos might be the last thing on your mind amidst the exhausting wedding preparations, but you definitely need to consider them and give a serious thought to your honeymoon photography plans. Whether your honeymoon is at one of the most romantic islands or on a snow-clad hill station, it will only be remembered through your photos in the coming years. And we are sure you won't let the finest memories of your life's most cherished trip pass by without capturing them effectively for eternity. Well, to ensure your honeymoon photos are nothing less than breathtaking, here we enlist some smart tricks and tips that'll take your honeymoon photography game a notch above and help you capture the magical moments in their truest essence.

Photography Tips for Perfect Honeymoon Photos

~ Invest in a DSLR or a great camera phone

If you don't already own a DSLR camera, consider this as an opportunity to buy one. These cameras are a little bulky to carry, but they will lend a professional look to all your photos and also capture the natural beauty of your exotic honeymoon destination in its truest essence. So, all that hassle is all worth it. However, if you are adamant on not carrying a DSLR camera, you can even invest in a phone that comes with a great camera. Also, make the purchase at least one month prior to your honeymoon so that you get ample time to understand the features of your gadget.

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~ Don't miss out on camera mounts

Instead of banking upon random strangers to click your photos, carry a tripod or a monopod. Selfies can never do enough justice especially when you are at an exotic destination with your beloved partner during your post-nuptial getaway! A camera mount will allow you to capture amazing couple portraits along with the scenic views of the location. Tripods for both DSLR cameras and mobile phones are available in the markets and on most e-commerce portals.

~ Indulge in some Insta research

By Insta research we mean, check out the hashtag of your honeymoon destination on Instagram and see what are the best places to click photos at and around the destination. Also, seek inspiration on how other people have clicked photographs at that place.

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~ Follow couple travel bloggers

To get a knack of how to get mind-blowing couple photographs on your honeymoon, start following couple travel bloggers on Instagram RIGHT NOW! As you scroll through their picturesque feeds, you'll surely grab umpteen ideas related to poses, outfits, framing and camera placement. Here are some bloggers you can follow:

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~ Give underwater photos a try

Capturing underwater photos is one of the latest honeymoon trends, and we understand the hype. Why only click photos outside the water and not inside it! Kiss underwater, go deep sea diving or just half and half underwater photo - but highly consider taking along a waterproof camera like GoPro.

~ Learn basics of photography

Take out some time amidst your hectic wedding preparations to watch some video tutorials on the basics of photography. It is better to have a basic know-how of lighting, framing rules and some handy hacks. It will hardly take more than 2-3 hours in total but will definitely make your honeymoon photos look more surreal.

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~ Always back up your photos

Technical glitches will never be in your control so be sure than sorry. Always back up your photos on the cloud, carry extra batteries, a hard drive and some extra memory cards to avoid any regretful situation. Yes, be over-cautious 'cuz you don't wanna lose those precious honeymoon photos. 

~ Don't miss out on the golden hours

The time period soon after the sunrise or shortly before the sunset are called the golden hours and mind you, it is one of the best times to click outdoor photographs. The sunlight is really soft and perfect to click captivating photographs. So, get up early and stay out till late during your honeymoon along with your camera and bae (Of course). :P

~ Capture the deets!

Capture not only the picturesque views of your exotic destination but also record all the tiny deets of your cozy trip. Right from that fancy spa tub to the table setup of your luxuriant candle-lit dinner, lock it all in your camera. Years later when you see these photos, you will certainly transport back to the old yet fresh memories with such detailed photographs.

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~ Candids are the best

Click lots and lots of candids! The hearty candid photos of your partner will document the most authentic moments and genuine expressions of love.

~ Be considerate about your honeymoon wardrobe

The color of your clothes can either make or break your photographs! Wondering how? Well, if you are posing by the beachside wearing similar shades of blue, the photos are not gonna elicit any WOWs, they're simply gonna camouflage. So make sure you are carrying suitable clothes that are in contrast to the natural setting of your destination.

~ Invest in a photographer, maybe?

Nothing like taking along a professional photographer to your honeymoon to capture some splendid shots. Or to avoid his or her travel and accommodation expenses, book a local photographer who is based at your honeymoon destination.


Hope you found these tips useful! Wishing you and your partner a Happy Honeymoon! :D

12 Tips & Tricks to Take Breathtaking Photos while on your Honeymoon

by Medha Chawla

12 Tips & Tricks to Take Breathtaking Photos while on your Honeymoon