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Hey, Brideys! Even though you are done and dusted with your wedding madness, don't throw in the towel on to-do lists just yet. There's a lot that awaits you in the first year of marriage, beginning with your first official vacation with your bae, i.e. your honeymoon. It's the perfect extension of your wedding celebrations. However, if you don't plan ahead, it can get a lot stressful. Which is why being your ultimate guide for all things weddings, we're here to get your honeymoon packing sorted, without making you splurge extravagantly.

While you must have already decided on your dream honeymoon destination and your body & hair care essentials, it's time you pay some attention to other equally imperative honeymoon essentials too. Down here, we've listed some of the best honeymoon essentials you can buy from Miniso (a Japanese-based designer store that sells amazing girly stuff). They're affordable, cute and are bound to make you go ecstatic. So wait no more, dive in and get, set shop!

Cute & Affordable Honeymoon Essentials brides can pick from MINISO!

1. Bundling Belt For Suitcase

To make sure your luggage is exactly how you packed it, this luggage strap can be used to bundle up your clothes all together before zipping the bag, This can also be used to secure the back from the outside, in order to avoid theft. Plus this makes for a smart luggage locator on the conveyor belt.

Price: ₹ 150

2. Travel Toiletries Organizer

Don't we just hate spilt shampoo in a suitcase? To avoid any frustrating situation like spoilt & stained clothes (especially on a honeymoon), make sure you secure your toiletries well and safe.

Price: ₹ 290

3. A mini backpack

You sure don't wish to get weighed down with those heavy & bulky handbags on your honeymoon. So, invest in a cutesy and small backpack instead. It is not only easy to carry but is also big enough for you to keep your daily routine essentials. 

Price: ₹ 990

4. A handy makeup bag

While you must have already purchased your favourite makeup products, but did you get a suitable bag to stack all that makeup in? If not, get one now! Miniso has got some really cute & handy cosmetic bags.

Price: ₹ 490

5. A sleeping eye mask

Another affordable honeymoon essential you can buy from Miniso is a soft, cute and comfy eye mask. It's mandatory to add an eye mask to your list to catch those good quality Zzz's while travelling. They've got some uber cute ones with panda face, bear face, duck face and many more.

Price: ₹ 230

6. A U-shaped neck pillow

Even though honeymoon at an exotic international location sounds like an exciting idea but the mere idea of travelling & sitting on the same seat for hours is dreadful. So if you don't want to end up with an aching neck post your travel, equip your luggage with a cushiony neck pillow from Miniso. You'll find a variety of neck pillow designs at their store, just pick the one that suits your style.

Price: ₹ 690

7. A satin shower cap

Planning your honeymoon around a beachside location? Then you have to have a satin shower cap in your travel suitcase. It'll prevent you from damaging your luscious locks every time you take a dip in those salty lakes and waters.

Price: ₹ 150

8. Some rubber ties & bobby pins

Oh, and how can you miss out on equipping your makeup kit with a few rubber ties and bobby pins. They are a must have, especially when you're looking forward to a lot of adventure sports and fun on your honeymoon.

Price: 90 (hair tie pack), ₹ 190 (bobby pins pack), Rs. 90 (hair clips pack)

9. A set of makeup brushes

No girl can ever have enough makeup & makeup tools in her kitty. And when it's a set of makeup brushes so cute and fancy, it's bound to get you tempted. It's super affordable and is surely one of the trendiest honeymoon essentials to buy from Miniso.

Price: ₹ 350

10. A compact manicure set

Amidst all the wedding madness you might not get enough time to shape your nails and get them honeymoon-ready. Which is why a portable manicure set is a definite honeymoon buy.

Price: ₹ 290

11. A foldable pocket mirror

For those last minute lipstick touch-ups and keeping a check on 'Oh my highlighter is on point!', you ought to stuff your bag with a small-sized, portable mirror. So, we got this cutesy one to your rescue!

Price: ₹ 190


Which all essentials are you planning to cart for yourself? Share with us in the comments.

Uber Cute Honeymoon Essentials Brides can Grab from MINISO! (Under 5k)

by Anupriya Khanna

Uber Cute Honeymoon Essentials Brides can Grab from MINISO! (Under 5k)