Every wedding needs exceptionally curated decor that turns it into a gorgeous reality. However, every decor must abide by the rules of the new normal, which are #IntimateWeddings!

Now, a lot of people may consider that Intimate Weddings require zero decoration. However, no wedding, irrespective of size, should be celebrated in plain, monotonous surroundings. Your new wedding venue, aka most probably your own house, may look fantastic with remarkable interiors. However, it will never look like a wedding venue without some nice decorations. 

You can opt to cover the venue in flowers, or maybe add a few rangolis, but you can never let it be without any elements of decor. That's why, we had a conversation with the much-revered wedding company, DreamzKrraft, who gave us input on how couples can decorate their venues, with DIY elements! Scroll down below to learn how you can add decor to your intimate wedding without any hassle!

Intimate Wedding Decor With DreamzKrraft Wedding Company

DreamzKrraft is India's no. 1 wedding and event planning company known for its larger than life decors and festive opulence that can turn any wedding occasion into a full filmy affair. The Director of DreamzKraft, Trrishant Sidhwaani, recently sat with us for a conversation about the recent wedding scenarios. Since many couples have decided to hold intimate weddings as opposed to their previous plans, Trrishant Sidhwaani, shared with us all the ways can decorate their venues with easy decor elements. In fact, these ideas can be implemented for other days like birthdays, anniversaries, and other important intimate events!

Here are a few ideas by DreamzKrraft on how people can decorate their homes for these occasions: 

Drapes For Backgrounds 

Use drapes made out of fabrics like satin, net, or any other fabric commonly available at home. Prop them up in sections of your living room where the wedding will happen. You can also use old sarees and dupattas in coordinating colours as drapes to give it a more Indian touch.

Create Your Own Photobooth

Gather around showpieces from the house and style a photobooth corner to take beautiful pictures. This will help add a more personal touch to the wedding.

Create A Photo Wall

Gather pictures of yourself and your fiance, along with memorable family moments captured in pictures. If you have a printer at home, then it'll be easier to print them out. You can create a photo wall with these photos which can be printed out at home.

Table Decor 

Remember that fine china that has been hidden away in your drawers for too long, awaiting some special occasion? Well, this is its time to shine! Pull out all your fine china and cutlery and set your tables with them. You can also add a DIY floral arrangement, made with flowers and foliage from your garden, or even artificial flowers that are at your disposal. Cook your favourite food items and celebrate a special occasion and keep them placed as a stunning table decoration piece.

Rangolis For Decor

Create beautiful floral rangolis from loose petals and leaves available to you. If you have colours leftover from Holi or last year's Diwali, then you can use them to create gorgeous rangoli patterns to add vibrancy to your special day!

Fairylights For The Win

Fairy lights are always amazing when it comes to decorating smaller spaces. They add the right amount of decorative light to the venue, especially if it's your home. Honestly, the moment you see a house covered in fairy lights, you just know that it's hosting a special function! You can either order them online or reuse the lights from last year's Diwali to create a nice lighting effect.

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Home Decor Ideas By DreamzKrraft Weddings For Your Small Wedding!

by Shivani Singh

Home Decor Ideas By DreamzKrraft Weddings For Your Small Wedding!