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Where to Hire Bar Services for Weddings in Chandigarh? Your Ultimate Guide!

Apoorva Saxena, 18 Jan 2020

ShaadiSaga Launches Wedding Bar Services in Chandigarh!


Famous over the globe for their grand celebration the folks of Chandigarh party like no one else. Weddings in the city are their biggest celebration and people leave no stone unturned to make it as lavish as they can get. Have you ever attended a Punjabi wedding without some cocktails? We haven't. So, as promised to satisfy all your wedding planning needs, we are proudly extending our wedding bar catering services in Chandigarh where all your drink and beverage needs will be taken care of. A Chandigarh wedding calls for a bar more than any other place to ensure that the guests of the wedding taste the right flavour of a typical Chandigarh Wedding. Before going further into the details of our bar services, let us take you through what exactly is meant by bar services in a wedding.

What is Bar Services For Weddings?

Gone are the days when the bar was a mere corner of a wedding venue serving you drinks. As today, a bar stands to be one of the most invested aspects of the wedding, especially planned and designed by experts to boost the charm of the wedding. People often assume that bar services will be a part of the catering service that you hire for your wedding, this, however, is not true in almost all cases. A wedding bar is an exclusive service that requires drinks, bartenders, theme-based bar decor, glassware and many more services for your nuptial ceremonies. While, the idea of creating a specialised wedding bar sounds fancy, it can be a stressful task when it has to be done in real but don’t you worry, ShaadiSaga is here to help :)

As ShaadiSaga’s exclusive bar service extends to your city, it promises to assist you in creating a bar at your wedding that will keep your guests merry and cherishing your wedding for a very long time. Our carefully thought bar packages for a wedding in Chandigarh are curated after a lot of research about the different needs of the customers. The package includes a variety of cocktails, professional bartenders who make your guests feel welcomed and a creative bar set up along with expert advice on deciding the menu and naming the drinks. That’s not all, our expert assists you to acquire a license to serve alcohol at your event venue.

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Customised Bar for Wedding

An appearance of the bar at a wedding is as important as what is served at the bar. As a step forward towards making the biggest day of your lives more special, our experts plan and design a unique bar decor for every wedding based on their theme that the customer chooses. Not only does this customisation make your wedding bar stand out among the rest but also has a personal touch to it. Check out some of our favourites that we designed in the past.

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Personalised Bar Setup

So simple yet so beautiful! The couple's name beautifully painted on the bar base decorated in vibrant colours is personal, pretty and happy! PS: A little creative input, get your wedding hashtag or something that connects both of you painted on the base. 

Florals to Work!

No wedding is complete without some beautiful floral designs. Flowers decorated over a lush green carpet, this one is for the nature lover in you. Making the setup even more gorgeous are those pretty lights, the setup is decorated with.

Drinks on Truck!

Quirky designs like this truck-inspired bar setup have been trending all over the globe. Opt for this one in your daytime wedding functions like mehndi. A truck loaded with your favourite drinks calls for a super-fun night!

Signages that speak your Love

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Funky signboards painted with your love add the much-wanted personal touch to your wedding bar decor. We come up with some witty hashtags to decorate your bar that catches the eye of guests and infuse fun in them on your Mehendi or cocktail party.

Quirky Wedding Bars

Vibrant colours are used to create funky decor for your wedding bar. This type of bar decor usually compliments the rest of your wedding decoration. To choose the right colours and to place them in the right way, this type of wedding bar decor is created by only our experts.

Wedding Bar for Aqua Lovers!

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If you happen to be one of those couples who are in love with the waters, this one's for you. Show your love for the oceans by getting this wedding bar designed for you in the shape of a boat. The decor will have your guests in awe!

Personalised Bar Menu

Source Tanvi & Co.

Another very popular way of decorating your wedding bar is to paint the name of the cocktails of that night on a well-accessorized board and decorate your bar base with it. Not only does it make the bar look astonishing but also help your guests to select their drinks easily.

The One for Bollywood Lovers

Are you as obsessed with Bollywood as we are? If yes, we got something for you! These Bollywood-themed wedding bars are fun, pretty and uplift your party mood for sure. Choose this and have your guests dancing on some sensational Bollywood numbers.

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Types of Bar Services for Weddings

You must not compromise when it comes to choosing a bar service for your wedding. Gone are the days when a bar in a wedding was only to serve drinks. Today, a bar at a wedding is one of the luxurious services at the wedding that let you enjoy the wedding to the fullest. When you opt for a bar service package, you get the drinks of your choice served by professional bartenders, a unique bar decor along with other supplies including glassware, mixers, etc. The idea of bar service sounds exciting, proper implementation of this idea, however, requires experts, here is where we step in.

ShaadiSaga has promised to assist you in all your wedding planning needs. To fulfil this promise of ours, we have extended our bar services to your city. Our exclusive bar packages for weddings in Chandigarh includes a customised bar decor designed for you, your favourite drinks and beverages, professional bartenders and an expert to assist you in selecting and naming your city. Additionally, we also guide you to get a license to serve cocktails at your event venue. Go through the services in details below to understand why we claim to be the best bar service providers in Chandigarh.

Professional Bartenders

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Hiring the right bartenders is extremely important. They are the people who greet and welcome your guests. Our bartenders owing to their years of experience are skilled to handle up to 40 guests each. These bartenders are quick to serve your guests with their favourite drinks and gleeful smiles.

Bar Decor

What makes your wedding bar different from others is the decoration of the bar. The ShaadiSaga experts, put their most creative foot forward to create a wedding bar for you based on a theme selected by you. Unique bar decor on different themes like Bollywood, quirky & desi, Carribean cruise, vintage, etc is some options that you may choose for your bar decor.

Customised Packages

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At ShaadiSaga, when you opt for an indoor or open Bar Service for marriage in Chandigarh, you are supposed to select a wedding package that we have curated for you keeping the needs of our customer in mind. However, if any of our packages don't appeal to you enough, you can get your package customised as per your needs and budget. In fact, the customised package service makes sure that hiring a bar service for your wedding doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket and let you decide the number of drinks that you need.

Personalised Bar Menus

Source ShaadiSaga

Personalisation has been in the trend for some time now. After all, there is nothing like adding a personal touch to your wedding. Helping you with the wedding bar menu and letting your guest know a little more about your love story, our experts help you to name your drinks after something that connects the both of you. That’s not all, our experts guide you to decide the number of beverages and drinks that you need for your guests.

Glassware and Other Supplies

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A wedding bar, as we have mentioned several times, is more than just about the drinks that are being served. The appealing bar table has to be one of the unmissable parts of the wedding bar. What makes the table appealing is the glassware in which the drinks are served. Different types of glasses are required for serving various types of drinks. Not only this, stirrers, dispensers, containers, ice, ice buckets, etc. are something that is on us. Apart from the glasses, quirky ways to serve the drinks include mason jars, fruit shells, bulb-shaped glasses to injection-style shots and many more.

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Detail Pricing of Bar Packages for Wedding in Chandigarh

Almost all wedding services charge you based on your needs, so is the case with bar services. The variety, amount and brands of the beverages that you choose are majorly responsible for deciding the price for bar catering for weddings in Chandigarh.

ShaadiSaga provides you with professional bartending service, a unique bar decor for every wedding, glassware and an expert to guide you to decide the number of drinks that you need for absolutely no cost, which are added to the price as ‘added cost’ by other bar service providers. The ShaadiSaga packages are curated keeping your best interest in mind and you have an option to customise your bar service package as per your needs and budget. Please note that beverages are served in terms of crates and each crate includes 12 bottles of 750 ml.

The bar packages cost for 100 to 200 guests in Chandigarh starts at Rs. 1,00,000/-. Usually, 10-20% of your wedding budget is enough to create a hep bar at your wedding including the price of bartenders, bar decors, miscellaneous supplies and the expert’s guidance. This percentage can vary as your requirements and budget changes.

How to Hire Bar Catering for Weddings in Chandigarh?

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The process to hire the best bar service providers in Chandigarh is quite a simple one. You are just a few clicks away!

Step1: Browse through the ShaadiSaga website to fill your basic details like your event date, venue, your contact number in a simple form and submit.

Step 2: After the submission, our representative gets in touch with you to confirm your requirements and offer you the best quotations that are available.

Whether you need bar services for 200 guests in Chandigarh or over 1000 guests, your favourite wedding planning app, ShaadiSaga has got you all covered!

Final Thoughts on Bar Services for Weddings in Chandigarh!

Weddings at present day are not complete without an elaborate and lavish bar at either of your wedding functions. Days of drinks being served in a corner at weddings are long gone and today people opt for the most lavish bar services. Exciting bar decors, tempting drinks and professional bartending together make us the most chosen one! Get a bar set up for your wedding to celebrate your love over a couple of drinks and to add to the happy vibes of your wedding.

Disclaimer: “ShaadiSaga does not promote the consumption of alcohol. Bar service and alco-beverages mentioned on the page are provided by licensed vendors, it will not be procured or delivered by ShaadiSaga”.


Still, have queries? Write them to us in the comments section below. We're here to help!