Done With Cliche Maang Tikkas? Here Are 9 Exquisite Head Accessories For You!

Rashmi Jayara, 14 Nov 2019

It takes months of planning to organise an Indian Wedding. It basically means all the arrangements of food, dance, decor and rituals. But the most important thing for a bride is how will she look on her wedding day. From a designer lehenga to a beautiful hairdo, everything should be perfect. It takes a lot of planning and suggestions to finalise the outfit and jewellery of the bride.

When it comes to wearing something on the head, we usually prefer typical maang tikkas. But the millennial brides have come a long way. There are so many pretty accessories which you can use to adorn your beautiful hairstyle. From oversized clips to conventional matha pattis, there are so many alternatives for your usual maang tikkas. And, we are here with some exceptional headgear options for you!

9 Unique Head Accessories To Wear At Your Wedding Functions

1. Traditional Maatha Pattis

The best thing about matha patti is that it comes in all shapes and sizes. You can wear an elaborated one with other heavy jewellery, or you can simply wear a minimalistic one.  

2. Royal Passas

Give yourself that illustrious look with these beautiful designs of passas. To have a powerful look, go for a gigantic passa. 

Source Studio Elan

3. Modern Headbands

If you are an experimental bride, wear headbands in your wedding functions. Glam up your mehendi look with these quirky headgears. 

4. Dramatic Clips

You can find various oversized hair clips for your chic hairstyle. If you want to do something dramatic for your sangeet ceremony, wear a web-designed clip. 

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5. Half-Styled Matha Pattis

One of the most exclusive pieces of jewellery is one-sided matha pattis. They are quite unique and looks very elegant.

6. Braid Embellishment

If you have long hair, you can tie up your hair and make a braid. Deck up your thick braid with large jewellery pins.

7. OTT Flowers

Ditch the jewellery and go a little extra with this floral inspo. Cover all your hair with these larger than life flowers. 

Source Richa Dave

8. Waterfall Accessories

Waterfall accessories are paving its way in the jewellery market. Be it earrings, hairclip or mangtikka, dainty waterfall layers are making the jewellery adorable. 

9. Bun Adornments

If you want to have a classic bun as your hairstyle, here are some tricks to adorn it. You can use small brooches, flowers and hairpins to beautify it. 


Which one would you wear? Comment down below.