Head Accessories Every Bride Must Pack For Her Bridal Trousseau

Tanya Baisoya, 02 Jan 2020

Hola to-be-brides! We're sure your wedding shenanigans have begun, and you're going all haywire with so many responsibilities on your head. From taking care of your skin to packing your bridal trousseau, everything is necessary and must be done perfectly. So while you might have many suggesting you on what outfits and makeup you should keep in your trousseau, we are here with the important headgears that a bride can't do without. Below we are going to list all those fancy and must-have accessories that should go in your trousseau, so be ready for some bombardment!

Must-Have Head Accessories For Brides

1. Maang Tikka

Be it a small festivity or a big fat Indian wedding, we just can't do without maang tikkas! 

2. Matha Patti

From half matha pattis to the ones that fully cover your head, your wedding look can't be complete without a matha patti!

3. Headbands

Don't forget your modern-age headbands to rock your stylish looks!

4. Hair Clips

For our not-so-ott brides, hair clips are a must!

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5. Passa

These royal passas will make you look absolutely gorgeous.

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6. Braid Embellishments

Accessorise your braid with these pretty embellishments. 

7. Bun Chains

For our OTT brides, there is nothing that could make you  look more regal than a bun chain.

8. Tiara

Love simplicity too much? Don't forget to carry your tiara!


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