"He is the best man for me": Gunjan & Utsav's Wedding Moments Captured By Candid Wedding Stories!

Neha Garg, 28 Sep 2015

"He's more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same. Emily Bronte"

There is something about love marriages, that forces me to write on and on and on. The love that’s there in the eyes of the couple, the moments, the touch, everything is just soooo perfect. Utsav was drawn to Gunajn from the moment he saw her for the first time in 2012. He then started following her on Facebook, and after declining a number of friend requests, Gunjan finally accepted the request in the year 2013, and rest is just the history. The happy couple were lucky enough to have their day made perfect with the glorious weather, allowing Manish from Candid Wedding Stories to capture their day beautifully.

The Engagement Day!


Utsav-Gunjan-2-1310   Utsav-Gunjan-2-1361-H


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Pool Party!

Utsav-Gunjan-3-371   Utsav-Gunjan-3-658-H

Utsav-Gunjan-3-732-H Utsav-Gunjan-3-870-H


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Utsav-Gunjan-4-127-H   Utsav-Gunjan-3-870-H

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Sangeet Ceremony!

Utsav-Gunjan-5-0288-H Utsav-Gunjan-5-0228-H

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Utsav-Gunjan-5-0339-H   Utsav-Gunjan-5-0417-H


Haldi Ceremony!

Utsav-Gunjan-6-360-H   Utsav-Gunjan-6-234-H

Utsav-Gunjan-6-625  Utsav-Gunjan-6-286-H

The Photographer, Manish on the beautiful couple: I loved capturing each and every moment of their wedding. Everything was full of love, excitement and craziness. They are a wonderful couple, and the love is purely seen in the pictures. I wish them a wonderful life ahead!

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The Most Special Day!


Utsav-Gunjan-7-0126-H Utsav-Gunjan-7-0376

Whenever I go to see her, as soon as I arrive, she gets excited, which makes me fall in love with her more, shares Utsav, our groom.



Utsav-Gunjan-7-1718  Utsav-Gunjan-7-1008-H

This would make your heartbeats at the fastest rate, this is purely an "Awwwww" wedding teaser!


Photographer: Candid Wedding Stories