Hazel's Bridesmaids Reveal What They Actually Feel About Yuvraj Singh!

ShaadiSaga, 30 Nov 2016

Bridesmaids are really the heart of every wedding! Not only do they make your weddings more entertaining but also stay with you throughout celebrations even when you turn into a bridezilla! They will make sure you have eaten during all the functions, take you to the washroom to pee with 100kg lehenga that you'll be wearing and even the last touch up of lipstick so that you get the perfect pout! Thank heaven for bridesmaids!!

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So, when we were in conversation with Hazel Keech in Chandigarh, we also spoke to two of her bridesmaids - Sheerali who has been friends with Hazel for 16 years, and Tina, Hazel's elder sister. Here's what they told us:

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Shirali (now residing in London) and Hazel had come to Goa 12 years ago for a dance trip. Then went on to holidaying in Bombay after Goa, and that is when Hazel got her first contract in Bollywood and decided to stay back in Bombay!

The girls were quite cheerful when we asked them how they feel about Yuvi. Sheerali said, "He is very down to earth. When I first found out about them, I was like 'do you realise how big he is?' She obviously didn’t". The bridesmaids absolutely love Yuvi's sense of humor which is as comic as Hazel. They also added, "Yuvi balances that really well. They are just made for each other".

The bridesmaids also gave us some handy tips about what the bride tribe should keep in mind: → Keep tissues handy → Keep a lipstick whatever colour bride is wearing → Make sure you have a small bottle of vodka *laughs*

And don't forget, bridesmaid always need to keep their cool no matter how the situation is. Make sure the bride is happy and tell her how beautiful she looks!

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