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20 Soul-Stirring Hand Portraits That Show The Emotional Essence Of A Wedding

Medha Chawla, 28 Oct 2019

You all know that wedding photography is no more just about clicking the posey couple portraits or traditional pictures with the guests! It has evolved into a form of art and a way of expression. And, we can't stop swooning over how super-talented photographers now go an extra mile to click gripping photographs that make you feel so many things. Photographers are breaking the rules, experimenting with their creative visions and capturing unusual and experimental frames which speak a thousand words & emotions. Nowadays, we also pay keen attention to the hands in the present scenario. So many wedding photographers have taken soul-stirring hand portraits that beautifully showcase the essence of a wedding.

Every time I saw a hand portrait on a wedding photographer's page, I would save it in my gallery. After saving a few such pictures, I wondered why not do a blog on this! These hand portraits directly speak to your heart and stir you with emotions. While some photos depict the soul-stirring moment of Kanyadaan in which a father hands over his daughter to the groom, the others are a beauteous depiction of togetherness.

The photo listicle in this blog is sure to make you feel a gamut of emotions.

Some Soul-Stirring Hand Portraits For You

The endearing Chooda ceremony

Becoming the bride

It takes an array of rituals to get wed

A wedding is also a union of two families

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The hearty moments of togetherness during the pheras

The 'Kanyadaan' moment

The priceless feeling of 'Yes, we made it'! 

A forever promise to never let go

The precious moment when you solemnise your love on papers as well

The final goodbye


Every pictures speaks a thousand words! And these picture brimmed us with emotions.