#Guide101: How To Style Your Short Hair This Wedding Season

Rashmi Jayara, 12 Dec 2019

The countdown has begun as the wedding season is almost here. Even if you are not the bride, the excitement is still the same. You must have decided what you will wear in mehndi, in which lehenga you will dance your heart out in sangeet and how you will drape your saree on the wedding day. But the real problem comes with the hair. It’s so hard to decide what type of hairdo you want. And with short hair, the problem becomes more complicated. Long hair comes with so many options to explore but with short hair we restrict ourselves. To get you out of the trouble, we have selected some amazing bridal hairstyles which you can try with your short hair. Be it the brides or bridesmaids, they are really simple and will look beautiful.

Best Hairstyles For Short Hair

1. Keep It Straight

Just straighten up your hair and look chic. This is really simple to do and looks elegant. 

2. Wave Tides

If you already have wavy hair, you are really lucky. Just set them up and be ready for your hassle-free day. 

3. Enjoy The Curls

Be it solid curls or loose curls, give yourself a different look with curls.

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4. Half Tied

If you don't want to keep your hair fully open, tie the half of it. Get creative with large hairpins, updos and tiny braids. 

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5. Braid It Up

Tie your hair up by braiding them up. You can leave some strands behind to make it messier. 

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6. Messy Bun

This hairstyle is in trend right now. Keep your bun untidy and look gorgeous. 

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7. French Styled Braids

Be it side braid or with full hair, this hairdo will add some grace to your bridal outfit. 

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8. Bun With A Twist

A quirky style will definitely give you an edge with your traditional outfit. 

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9. Adorn With Accessories

And if you don't want to make any efforts, add some flowers or embellished clips to keep it elegant. 

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