There’s so much to see and love from South Indian weddings like their tradition, their clothes, hairdos and most importantly their jewellery. A South Indian bride simply goes all out with her wedding jewellery so it was only fair that we highlight it for everyone to see and take inspiration from. Today, one jewellery trend that we are raving over is gutta pusalu.  For those of you who don’t know what this piece of jewellery is, it is a classic necklace design. Pusalu means "beads" and gutta is "a shoal of small fish", the necklace is so named because it is fringed with bunches of small pearls. 

Trending Gutta Pusalu Designs For South Indian Brides

1. Gutta Pusalu Rani Haars

There will be hardly any woman out there who isn’t a fan of rani haars. And, if you are too a fan of rani haars and also happen to be a South Indian bride, then we might have found the ultimate neckpiece for you to don on your wedding day. This necklace looks so royal and grand that you have to consider this! 

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2. Gutta Pusalu Chokers & Small Necklaces 

Chokers and small necklaces have recently been in the limelight and now everyone wants to have one. If you too are looking for a choker or something small to don on the big day, then we say you should opt for the gutta pusalu ones. Going for a choker or a small neckpiece is only going to make you look regal and will add an edge to your overall look. And, if you’re still unsure then we say that you simply scroll below and see for yourself! 

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3. Heavy Gutta Pusalu Necklace

Ladies if you want to wear something super heavy on your wedding day then your best bet would be to don a gutta pusalu heavy neckpiece. Go all out with your jewellery by layering two-three sets together and having a gutta pusalu necklace stacked like these real South Indian brides have at their weddings. 

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4. Long Gutta Pusalu Necklace

If you don’t want to wear a heavy necklace on your wedding day and want to don something light and easy to carry, then we say you go with a long gutta pusalu necklace. Not only will it be light for your neck but as it is long, the neckpiece will give a heavy overall look. And the best part? You only need to pair a small choker or necklace! 


So which necklace do you have your heart set on? Do tell us in the comments section below!

25+ Gutta Pusalu Designs We Spotted On South Indian Brides

by Shweghna Gursahaney

25+ Gutta Pusalu Designs We Spotted On South Indian Brides