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Guide For Petite Brides: 7 Things You Must Remember While Picking A Wedding Outfit

Sanchita Kalra, 07 Jul 2017

A few days ago, I was on a phone call trying to connect with an old acquaintance. When I asked him if he remembered me, all he said was...

"Hey, you're that almost 5 feet tall girl?". I couldn't help but laugh sheepishly. Yes, I am not that tall. If I picked a maxi dress, it would probably cover my face. I am not even embarrassed to confess that I have purchased footwear from kids section! Hello, short people are cute, okay?

But since I eat, sleep and breathe weddings, our conversation made me realise how brides of my height would feel if someone they knew would begin this (ummm, sensitive?) topic. Moreover, when we answer your wedding related questions on our Instagram every Wednesday in our #AskUsAnythingWeddings series, How Do I Look Tall On My Wedding Day?  is the most asked question EVER!  

Short brides, I feel you but it's time to rejoice. I spoke to two of our favourite stylists Nikita Sethi and Meha Bhargava who revealed tips and tricks for petite brides to look taller. 

#1 Go for high hair buns Do not go for distracting hairstyles. Go for the ones that add length to your face. Simple high buns with flowers in the hair are what our stylists recommend! 

#2 Opt for monochrome outfits When you pick an outfit in a single colour head to toe, it gives you a longer look as it appears as a one piece. Whereas going for outfits in multiple colours will make you seem shorter as the attention is divided amongst each colour. 

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#3 Go for high waist lehengas Ideally, a high waist A-line lehenga clinches in the waist and gives an illusion of length. So no more sucking the stomach in while getting clicked because high waist will naturally hide your tummy too!

#4 Avoid too much embroidery Some brides make the mistake of going for overly embroidered lehengas with heavy jewellery making her drown in heaviness. Instead opt for a simpler blouse (you can then wear heavy jewellery), slightly heavy lehenga skirt and a sheer dupatta. You can also go for vertical embroidery or smaller motifs as they tend to give an elevated look.

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#5 Avoid broad borders Similar to how attention gets divided when you pick a multi-coloured outfit, an outfit with a lot of broad borders will break the vision into different sections. Go for minimal and narrow borders.  

#6 Avoid high necklines High necks look great on taller people but when you're a petite bride, go for U or V necklines. Also, if you're planning to wear heavy jewellery, a simple low neckline would work better.

#7 Avoid double dupattas Avoid too many drapes and go for simpler elongated drapes, as it may cut the length of your body. An ideal style would be a single big dupatta draped like an orhni over your head.