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#GuestPost - A Real Couple Teaches How To Nail Honeymoon Pictures Like A Boss!

Himanshi Mukhija, 22 May 2017

Remember how we taught you to click pictures like a pro on your honeymoon? We coincidentally came across a blogger couple who nailed their honeymoon pictures and we couldn't wait to share with you all!

This is a guest post which was originally published on Kintyish. You can read the original article here or read below. 

Photographs, as most of us would agree, are frozen memories. Being bloggers & creative souls, both my husband and I have a special inclination towards photographs.

When my husband and I were planning our honeymoon, we used to think about how would we take pictures together. Trust me, it becomes really difficult. Selfie sticks are okay but I wanted the pictures should have our full shot. Yeah, a little finicky that way. Taking the tripod stand along became an obvious choice. Even with the tripod, one has to work well with the timer, lighting & the entire frame setting. Hence, it takes a lot of effort. But genuinely, if that effort bothers you then don’t go for it. You shouldn’t do anything while on vacation that spoils your mood.

We chose Maldives and Singapore as our honeymoon destinations. The irony in Maldives (while shooting) was that the sun kept playing with us and, thus even in two consecutive burst shots, the lighting was different. It seemed like our same set of clothes are of different colours. Nevertheless, since both of us are goofy, we had too much fun even while posing and shooting. There were shots where I clicked the camera timer button and ran towards my husband and we didn’t know what to pose; it happened vice versa as well. Those impromptu shots came out the best.

We behaved as if we were getting clicked by a professional photographer and just having fun. By the way, never underestimate the power of “burst shots”.  This feature helps you click even the actions that last for just a few microseconds. So, if you’re planning something like this, don’t forget to have fun.

So, here we present to you, our favourite part of the honeymoon in Maldives & Singapore; all the self-shot stories. 

Story behind this shot This was the first set of couple shots we tried. We had just gotten ready to go out in the ocean and get the pictures clicked. Anubhav suggested that we test the camera settings and click a few pictures. Just after he set up the camera, he picked me up unannounced. This picture was one in the series. This is personally my favourite in terms of how it came out. The sun rays from the roof-top are adding a charm to the candid love that we share. And of course, I’m loving the way Anubhav is looking at me.

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Story behind this shot So, you see an infinity pool at such a fantastic location and you don’t get a mirror image clicked? That’s unfair! I wanted this reflective shot very badly. When Anubhav directed the camera at this angle, I didn’t realise it would be such beautiful frame.

Source Himanshi

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Story behind this shot Initially, I was uncertain about including this picture in the blog post but then I realised that though we’re simply posing for the shot, what makes this worthy of the post was its super awesome background. It’s shot at dusk when it was neither too dark nor too sunny.

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Story behind this shot This was my idea.  We were already shooting at this point when I saw umbrellas in one corner (which were usually kept in the resort at various places). I wanted to use them as a prop and see we’re flying high.

Story behind this shot Anubhav has this thing with picking me up. But then, after the latter shot, I told him that I want to pick him up as well. He stared at me and said, “You’ll hurt your back,” (for obvious reasons). But I wanted to have that pose so badly that we had to figure out a trick.

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Story behind this shot  This was the first day when we arrived at our water villa in Maldives. Both of us were mesmerised by the view & more by these stairs leading directly into the ocean. We just decided to step down and enjoy.

Story behind this shot Okay so, one evening we just decided to dress up and shoot. There was a beautiful setup for a romantic dinner at a place in the resort called ‘Moonpoint’. Remember, that hut like figure from the mirror image shot above? Yes, this setup was in front of that hut. While this setup was being arranged, we thought, why not get cheesy? And this was the happy result.

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Story behind this shot  While having fun in the ocean; playing with the sand and waves. Notice how the difference in sunlight at different points changed the ocean colour in the picture.

Story behind this shot We are just ecstatically running towards the camera.

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Story behind this shot  Stairway to heaven, maybe? 

Source Himanshi

Story behind this shot When we were in Singapore, we visited this very beautiful two hundred years old Chinese temple. We are just being totally touristy here.

Lots of love, Anubhav and Himanshi