Skincare Tips

#ForGrooms: Skincare & Hair Tips To Follow Before Your Wedding! (*Products Included!)

Rashmi Jayara, 19 Jan 2020

In a wedding, the focus is not only on the bride but on the groom as well. The bride is always a step ahead when it comes to taking care of herself. Whereas grooms, become lazy on following a routine. Earlier we talked about how a bride can pamper her skin for the perfect bridal glow. But today, we will talk about some skin and hair care tips (with products) for the grooms that will be super helpful for the wedding celebrations. So all the grooms-to-be, gear yourself and prepare to give a tough competition to your brides cos after all, you are the better half *wink-wink*. 

Ah! So, start scrolling down and bookmark your favorite skincare & hair hacks now! 

Skincare Tips

We agree that taking care of your skin in this pollution is a tough task and especially when you travel everyday for work! But, how about we give you some tips & tricks for your skincare so that you can have a healthy and glowing skin for your wedding day? From following a CTM routine everyday to paying regular visits to your dermatologist, here are the 6 tips that can work wonders to get that glass-skin! 


1. Wash Your Face

Some of you might be thinking “iski kya zarurat thi, ye to pata hai”. But it’s time to admit guys that most of the boys don’t even wash their face properly. They just splash some water and done! Make a habit of using a face wash to cleanse your face because soap can dry your face. In fact, be it the removal of dirt, oil or unwanted pollutants - washing your face will not only keep your skin hydrated but will also ensure to maintain your PH level balance and help to keep up the proper pore size so that your skin doesn't build up an excess oil! 

2. CTM

Being one of the favorite regimes of the bride, CTM routine is something that is also highly recommended for the grooms-to-be! CTM is the first step towards your glowing skin where C stands for cleansing, T for toning and M for moisturising. After cleansing your face with a face wash, make sure you use a toner like Rosewater as it will help to close your pores & cut the penetration of any impurities. Once, you have ticked off the cleansing and Toner step, then make sure to apply a good moisturizer suiting your skin type cos I am sure you don't want to have a dry skin and show the signs of acne for your wedding day! So, grooms if you want to have healthy and clear skin, then follow CTM regime twice a day (Morning & before going off to bed!) to get better results! 

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3. Exfoliate

We know you must be super busy in your wedding madness but taking care of your skin is something that should be your top priority. Now that you've started following a CTM routine (pat yourself,guys!) it is also important that you remove the dead skin from your face. Moving forward, make sure you exfoliate or scrub your skin on a regular basis. As it will rejuvenate your skin and will remove the blackheads you may also use a scrub to do the procedure. Tip: Take a small amount of face scrub in your hands and rub your wet face in a circular motion. Make sure to put stress on your forehead, chin area and nose. Once, done clean your face with water & just pat your face with a clean towel to get a glowing skin!

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4. Regular Salon Visits

Honestly, it’s just a myth that only brides go to salons before the wedding but it's the other way around. Understanding that you also need an expert advice to look good on your wedding day, take out some time from your wedding planning and book regular appointments with your favourite salon. Be it threading, facial, waxing, face massage, bleach, face pack or haircut, professional help before the wedding is a must need for you. Also, now that many salons have groom packages especially curated for the wedding you too can book a one to look your best for the big day! 

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5. Face Masks & Peels 

It is okay to be lazy but it is not okay to treat your skin like trash. It is hard to do all the hard work of making a mask, putting on your face and waiting for it to dry up. So, here are some easy-peasy homemade face masks that can be made in literally 1 min. 

  • Mix Gram flour and Milk - For the Glow
  • Blend Milk and Tomato - For the Tan removal
  • Honey and Lemon mixture - For the Clear skin

Not a fan of DIY facemasks? You can also try these sheet masks and charcoal masks to get the glass skin! 

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6. Pay A Visit To Your Dermatoloigist

Nobody wants the wedding album to catch the dryness and pimples out of your face. If you have skin problems like acne, rashes, pimples, etc, then don't forget to visit your dermatologist well in advance. Instead delaying until the wedding day, make sure you go 3-4 months earlier so that your skin related problems can be solved before hand. 

Hair Tips

Giving an identity to oneself - hair is something that plays an important part in our lives. Making or breaking your look we have curated few hair tricks and hacks that will be super handy for your wedding celebrations. So, be it experimenting with your hair cuts or applying hair gel as a daily regime ensure to follow these tips that can work wonders for your tresses! 

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1. Oiling Your Hair is a MUST

We know that you are not a big fan of Oil but to remove the frizziness from your hair, massage your hair with an oil so that you have healthy hair from inside and outside. In fact, before every hair wash, you can also apply oil on your hair for an hour as it will make your hair stronger and smoother. Tip: Coconut oil and olive oil are considered good for your hair! 

2. Reduce Chemicals & Start Applying Herbal Hair Masks!

Most of the guys we know have a habit of putting hair gel and spray on their hair. But just a reminder guys, these products are harmful to your hair. So, if you don’t want to lose your hair just before your wedding, reduce the usage of these chemicals and opt for herbal hair masks to make your tresses healthier and shiner. 

3. Go For Your Favorite Hair Spa Sessions! 

How exciting it sounds, right? If you love going to salons and spending hours after that stressful day, then we have a good news for you. Helping to normalize your oil secretions and reducing impurities, getting a regular hair spa is a must so that it restores your hair moisture, oils, stimulates blood circulation and repairs the damaged hair to give you a healthier, smoother, and shiner hair than ever before.

4. DON’T Experiment 

Love experimenting with your hair? While, we recommend to explore different hair cut and hair color options but playing with your hair before your wedding day can definitely be a risky thing. Hair Tip: Plan your hairstyle or hair color a few months before your wedding and get an idea as to what kind of look you would want for your D-day. 


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