Male friendships are agreeably some of the most open, honest and cherishable ones out there, no wonder it warrants it’s very own label - bromance! While men may not overtly express their love and affection for one another too often, they definitely manage to keep the bromance alive through instruments of male bonding (that we, as women may fail to understand)—like the Bro Code or Game Night or trying to fiercely out-drink each other!

It may be hard for us to grasp this, but that doesn’t at all mean snippets of their love should go undocumented, especially at weddings! Where it’s one last time for the boy to kick it together before they give their fellow bro away to their bhabhi. We curated some epically fun pictures of groomsmen living it up on all days of the functions leading up to the groom’s big day.

Photo Ideas for Grooms & Groomsmen that we Loved!

This tongue-in-cheek innuendo that made us shamelessly giggle.

Did anyone call for a brigade of totally badass groomsmen?

These adorable candids of the Groom and his best bud!

Men in Black (whether it be tuxedos or sherwaanis) always steal the show!

Boys will be boys, as always.

Your bros have got your back, regardless of anything!

These goofy Groomsmen who laid down their lives to keep the baarat going!

The Bride, the Groom and his troupe of superheroes!

Bestfriends will always, hype you up no matter what!

No matter what function, your comrades will bully you, every chance they get!

Your cocktail party is the one perfect moment for your boys to do what they do best!

No matter if it was when you fell in love, or if you're ever slipping in life - your bestfriends will always be there to catch you.

Here's a toast to your whimsical boyhood and all your amazing amigos!


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Dapper Grooms & Groomsmen who showed us Bromance is Bigger than Romance!

by Manavi Chauhan

Dapper Grooms & Groomsmen who showed us Bromance is Bigger than Romance!