Groom Made in Romania & Bride Made in Chandigarh, A Real Wedding of Raman & Ramon To Fall For

Neha Garg, 11 May 2015

Raman and Ramon’s wedding was not only extravagant, it was also unique – with their thoughtful families and friends coming together to help them rejoice the best day of their lives with a lot of love, enjoyment & creativity! While I heard all the stories, the bride and the people involved in organizing the wedding were telling me, I started to notice how certain details stood out. Things I’ll never forget – whether it was the awestruck and rapt feeling of seeing an image for the first time click by Nitin & Sandeep of ‘Shutterink, or the apprehension of how beauty shines through little acts made out of love. Here are some precious moments, that made their wedding truly unforgettable. Learn something, appreciate the rest, and be inspired.

Bride: Raman & Groom: Ramon

Here’s the candid interview with the enthusiast and pretty bride, Raman, who shared her wedding voyage with us in detail. Let's walk the steps and know more about this beautiful couple :) Share your love story & how did Ramon propose to you? We first met on August 25th, 2008, when I went for an interview at Exan. Unlike any other prospective employees, I asked to be given a tour of the company. As strange as this may sound it turned out to be the best request I ever made. Ramon was working away at his desk with his giant headphones on and gave me a beautiful smile when the introductions were made. Despite having short tempers and driving each other crazy many times while working together, we developed a friendship. Over the years we have been there to support one another through tough times, and without realizing it, we grew to be a very important part in each other's life and that's how we became best friends. And here comes the Best Proposal in Raman's words!


On December 24th, 2013, there was a Christmas Eve dinner at Ramon's parents' house, where everybody that came was supposed to help decorate the Christmas tree by putting on various ornaments. Everybody was having a good time, and they were all waiting to hear one particular song to be played - This is Love by William - at which point they knew a surprise was going to take place. Ramon was feeding me various ornaments to put on the tree and I was busy finding spots for them while dancing in place to the music. At one point instead of feeding me an ornament, Ramon got down on one knee, held my hand and proposed to me. Believe it or not, my first words were... "I wish you would've told me, I could've dressed better!" Once the laughter subsided and Ramon asked the question again, I did say "YES!" and that started the next chapter of our lives together. Where did you get your wedding shoes from? I brought my wedding shoes from Chief, Sector 22 Chandigarh. What were the dates and venue of the functions? We chose peacock as our wedding theme starting from Save the Date and Invitations, while incorporating it at all the events. I did not want the theme to be over shown so I only used

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The house was decorated with Tagetes flowers and peacock feathers. It was a very low key event with only close family and friends attending. We had many overseas friends who attended their first Indian wedding so all the ladies enjoyed getting henna done for the first time. It was a night full of fun, laughter and lots of dance. September 25 - Haldi: Parents' house, Sector 44, Chandigarh

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Haldi rituals were done at my parents' house in the morning with a few family and friends present. It was a lot of fun and very emotional event for me. September 25 - Sangeet: Baitak, Panchkula The event was organized outdoor with food being served inside with about 300 people attending. The decor was orange and white in color. The highlight of the night was a performance by my brother, Binnu Dhillon Veer Ji, dad and two of my friends Neha and Seerat. After the performances were done the dance floor was open to everyone. It was a beautiful night full of good music, good people and good food. Perfect recipe for a Punjabi Sangeet night.

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   September 26 - Wedding: Gurudwara Bagh Shaheedan, Sector 44, Chandigarh I did not want to follow the trend that is popular in India now a days which is that only a few family members go to temple for Anand Karaj while everyone else continues the party at the hall. I wanted everyone to come to the Gurudwara to see the actual wedding ceremony. I was very pleased that everyone who attended was also happy with this concept. Wedding day was my favorite day out of all the events. Ramon arrived at the Gurudwara with Baraat and Dholi and we had a beautiful ceremony with about 150 guests. We then went to the Shantikunj Park and the Sukhna Lake for a photo shoot. The last custom of the day was the Doli, it is the most difficult and emotional time for any bride. It is very hard to describe in words what one felt at the time. It is a mixed feeling of being happy to start a new chapter and at the same time being sad leaving your parents behind.


Sandeep & Nitin on Raman & Ramon: Raman and Ramon are definitely among the most fun loving couples we photographed last season. Their families were humble and welcomed us as a part of their family. They patiently listened to our ideas and executed them to perfection. Lucky We, that they chose us to document their wedding, it was super fun to work with them.

September 27 - Reception: Hotel Mountview, Chandigarh The reception was a much more fun and relaxing event. The décor for the evening was gold and white in color with a peacock theme. Once everybody had gathered in the hall, Ramon and I had entered while "Love takes over" by David Guetta was playing. My brother Mickey and friend Neha were the MCs for the night, which started off with a couple of speeches by my friend Raman and Ramon. This was then followed by a slide show showing pictures from our childhood all the way to today. After the cake cutting ceremony, we performed our first dance on "Let's never stop falling in love" by Pink Martini. Then all the family and friends joined us on the dance floor and we danced the night away.


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Even though it took us months of preparation and planning, it felt like all the events have gone by too quickly. The days were busy from early morning until late night, but still it felt like the time to enjoy each event was too short. My advice to all the brides: Trust that you have done your best ahead of time and just try to enjoy everything because before you know it, this beautiful time will be over. Even if you miss something or you can't make everybody happy, put all those worries aside and enjoy this most special time of your life. [gallery columns="4" ids="4458,4409,4398,4457"]   Where did you get your jewelry from? I got my jewelry for all the events from Sham Mall in Chandigarh. Where did you get your dresses for all the functions? For Mehandi night, I wore a green Pajami suit with silver tilla embroidery which I bought from Rajan in Ambala. For Haldi, I wore a traditional phulkari yellow suit, which I bought from Phulkari House in Patiala. For many months before the wedding, I did a lot of research for what kind of outfit I wanted and there were a few things that I had on my wish list for my dream wedding outfit. Firstly, I wanted a red colored outfit with no hints of green. Secondly, I really wanted to have two dupattas. Two dupattas was the requirement since I saw Kajol in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai in her golden wedding dress with two dupattas 16 years ago. During my research and after talking to many brides, I found Delhi had the biggest exclusive collection of bridal outfits. As soon as I landed in India, I started my wedding shopping the very same day. After going through about 40 shops in the next three days in Karol Bagh and Chandni Chowk, I finally found my Sangeet outfit at Raghav in Chandni Chowk. I was actually looking for a wedding lehenga in that shop when my brother saw that outfit. I tried it on and I said yes right away. It was an Indo Western style, orange dress with beautiful embroidery which made it quite heavy and I needed two people to put it on me, but it was all worth it when I saw the pictures. I decided to get my wedding and reception lehenga customized at Roop Saree in Chandni Chowk. The outfit was red and golden color with purple border. I was a bit nervous about the purple color because it is a very unusual combination with red but it turned out very elegant. I did not want to have a very heavy lehenga at the reception and I also wanted to have pastel colors, so I went with a cream colored lehenga and added an elegant train to give a traditional lehenga a western touch. Both my lehengas were in silk because I did not want net material. It took 2 months for both dresses to be made and I was very happy with how beautiful and graceful they both turned out.

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Who was the wedding planner & choreographer? I was the planner (chuckles). I planned everything from selecting venues to Mehandi artist with help from my family and my husband. It definitely was not an easy task, especially getting these things done from another country, but we had a lot of time after the engagement to do research and I went to India 2 months prior to the wedding to make final preparations. My brother, dad and two friends (Neha and Seerat) performed at Sangeet which they choreographed themselves. Ramon and I took Rumba lessons for our first dance from Candace at Caydance Studio in Canada. We performed the dance on "Let’s never stop falling in love" by Pink Martini. Do you want to say thank you to anybody? I would like to thank my parents for giving me the most precious gift of my life: THE BEAUTIFUL WEDDING. I drove them crazy during the preparation but they were so patient with me and made sure I have everything that I wanted in my wedding events. Special thanks to my brother Mickey, who was in India with me for 2 months before the wedding to help me with the preparation and help me make the final decisions when I was confused. I can't thank enough to our closest friend Raman, who took charge of so many things during the wedding festivities. Things would have not gone so well without her. A very big thank you to my cousin, Mohna  Veer Ji who was the driving force behind every scene. Last but not the least, to all the family and friends who were there with us to be part of our special day.

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Say a few words about your loving husband, Ramon! Ramon is the most amazing friend I ever had and what could have been better than marrying your best friend. He has always been there for me during my good and bad times. We are truly soul mates. We have lots of things in common, we love traveling, cooking and even though we are both from different parts of the world - with Ramon being born in Romania - we enjoy learning and sharing each other's cultural values. I always go to him for any kind of advice and I know he always has my back and never judge me even when I drive him crazy or I'm being unrealistic at times. He was one of my biggest support I had during the wedding, he trusted me with the decisions I made during events. Ramon brings balance in my life and he keeps me grounded and calm when I get stressed or nervous about things. My parents are truly in love with him. They have such a big smile on their face when they see him. Ramon is very romantic at heart. He loves organizing surprise dinners, trips and gifts for me. The best surprise gift was our honeymoon. I did not know until we reached the airport that we were going to the Maldives for the first week of our honeymoon. It was the most memorable trip anyone can imagine. Then we went to Bali for a week, followed by Singapore for 3 days, back to India in time for Diwali and finally we spent some time in Dubai. When I first met him, I never thought that we will end up together, but I guess destiny had this beautiful plan for us. I feel very safe and lucky to have him by my side. I couldn't have asked for a better life partner than him, a great cook, kind, romantic, handsome, great listener, intelligent and above all my best friend.

Thank You so much Raman for sharing your wonderful story with Shaadisaga! We wish this loveliest couple a life filled with happiness and more love.

Here are some pictures from their Honeymoon!

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