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Gracian Nalin From Scintilight Creations Knows How To Juice & Spice Up Your Magical Wedding Moments

Neha Garg, 25 Jun 2015

“Creativity is imagination and imagination is for everyone” – Paul Arden The value of imagination is limitless, and a photographer imagine things beyond time and subject. There is something amazingly exciting about creative photography, and it itself grows in you, no one can come and teach you to be creative. Everybody has the supremacy to nurture their creative senses and be versed with it, creative and modern photography is an undeniably exciting type of photography. It’s not the photos that allow people to look at them, but the discovery of your creative thoughts to make it different and unique.

See What Gracian Nalin, Our Expert Has To Say About Creative Photography:

Wedding photography is a fiercely growing field with more and more players entering every day. To make a name in this field and to make the client choose me over the others, I need to create something that is different and makes me stay ahead of the curve, but, there is still something that they can relate to.  Each one has his or her formula to stay on top. My formula is to keep my work somewhere in the thin line between Elegance and Crazy. I add a pinch of craziness and a little out of the box thinking to my shots which makes them stand out. Creative photography is something that keeps me on my toes looking out for the smallest of details and things that I can use in the frame to make my pictures different from the others. I even think that the unplanned ones are the ones that truly catch you by surprise. Every time before I take a creative picture I try to ask myself ‘Has it been done before?’  If I feel the answer is a YES, then I would try and get the answer to a NO. I also tell my clients beforehand to indulge in my ‘on the spot crazy ideas’ and I am truly grateful to all of them who complain and refuse but eventually go through the ordeal of creating something beautiful for me and them. In this field of numerous players the toughest competition should be YOURSELF. To stay ahead of yourself is to strive to get better and more creative with every project compared to your earlier work. The key to this is to challenge yourself and experiment and bring out something unique and expand your photographic possibilities.

Here are some creative pictures clicked by Gracian Nalin that defines, Creativity Has No Limits!


Picture Name:  The  Announcement

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Bride and Groom: Poornima and Ganesan

Location:  Chennai

Thought Process: In TamBram weddings, designing the Bride and Grooms names on the mats are customary, but, they rarely get photographed. I wanted to capture this as an abstract, but then I thought it would be funny if the couple would hold it as a sort of an announcement. Empty Pockets

Picture Name:  Empty Pockets

Bride and Groom: Rasajna and Vayu

Location:  Hyderabad

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Thought Process: Well the concept of this shot is behind every wedding there is a father who spends! All we see are the happy couple during the wedding, but we fail to see the Father who spends for that happiness.

I will get you

Picture Name:  I will get you

Bride and Groom: Gayathri and Raghu

Location:  Hyderabad

Thought Process: The idea was to show how to get the perfect girl is never so easy for the guy. Although if you strive long enough, you can succeed. Kick Ass 1

Picture Name:  Kick Ass

Bride and Groom: Sumitha and Rahul

Location:  Hyderabad

Thought Process: The couple wanted a Kick ass picture and I took it quite literally. kidnap

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Picture Name:  Kidnap

Bride and Groom:  Revathi & Balaji

Location:  Madurai, Tamil Nadu

Thought Process:  As the saying goes “He stole my heart and I am planning for revenge, I'm gonna steal his last name” - I just thought it would be funny and crazy to show how the Bride is stealing him away :)

Mr & Mrs

Picture Name:  Mr & Mrs

Bride and Groom:  Ashwini & Rajesh

Location:  Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu

Thought Process: Almost all weddings I capture they have these huge boards with the names of the Bride and Groom written using thermocol letters.  I went and plucked out the Mr and Mrs out of the board and gave it to the Couple. It’s about trying to find goofy and fun ideas with the small things around you that you would miss. Power Lift

Picture Name:  Power Lift

Bride and Groom:  Priyanka and Sunny

Location:  Hyderabad

Thought Process: The groom and I were joking around and when he said that the Bride weighs almost nothing and I said “Prove It”. Guess he did :)

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Save the Bride

Picture Name:  Save the Bride

Bride and Groom:  Manju & Bharani

Location:  Vellore, Tamil Nadu

Thought process: This is an homage to all those 80s movies we have seen as kids where there is a fast pace scene where the Heroine gets tied up on the tracks and it’s up to the Hero to save her in the Nick of time. I really loved the couple for indulging in my craziness. Shy Coming

Picture Name:  Shy Coming

Bride and Groom:  Deepa and Shankar

Location:  Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Thought process: I thought of this during a couple shoot right after the wedding. I was quite tired of taking shots of the girl being all shy so I told them lets change it up. I never thought that the Groom would nail it so well. The God

Picture Name:  The God

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Bride’s Sister and Groom:  Varsha and Sriram (Bride’s sister and Groom)

Location:  Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Thought process: The idea was based on the concept that after marriage the Groom is like a god to the Bride. There is no trickery in this image the groom indeed folded his legs in mid air. Where is He

Picture Name:  Where is He?

Bride and Groom:  Shradha and Prasanth

Location:  Ghaziabadh

Thought process: This was taken in a Telugu / North Indian wedding of my two closest friends. It was at a time when the groom went off to do his rituals in-accordance to Telugu customs and left the bride waiting all alone on the stage. I was carrying a slate at the time and I thought of this idea.


Picture Name:  Yellow!!

Bride and Groom:  Ashitha and Anubhav

Location:  Hyderabad

Thought Process: The Bride’s Haldi Pooja happened in a venue where they had a car wash facility in the premises and that’s the yellow wall that we see. After seeing so much yellow I really wanted a shot of the bride there. It took a lot of begging and nagging to get the bride to pose here, but the result made her quite happy.

Gracian Nalin, who heads up the Scintilight Creations is an inspiration to many a photographers. With an out of the box perspective and keen eye for rare moments, his work brings together crazy and unique aspects of weddings. His photographs, create a mixture of compelling imagery of the culture, colors, customs and those little things that make all the difference.

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We can't Thank you Gracian Nalin for all the insights of Creative Photography, he is not only a good photographer but a great person by heart as well.

P.S.- He is super friendly with the brides and gets right into the comfort zone!