Wedding Rings

Give Me A Ring?

Ridham Gambhir, 14 Aug 2014

Once you know you are to get married, a huge chart of different kind of engagement rings is spread on your mind. You visit innumerable jewellery shops to look for the ‘perfect one’. While the girls lean on those shiny, unsullied glass tables, the guys make sure that their wallet is full enough to fulfil their madam ki demands. Let’s have a quick look at some engagement rings which will astound you with amazement.

1.Mila Kunis er1 Isn’t this simply classy and chic? A sleek gold/platinum band with a round-cut diamond on your beautiful hands is just what you need.

2. Kate Middleton


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Ok. The whole world admires this ring. With an 18-carat sapphire and diamonds, this beauty belonged to Princess Diana which Prince William handed to his lover.

3.Kareena Kapoor


This king-size token from a Nawab to a Heroine has a platinum band with a raised solitaire setting and its one look is enough to make you go all gaga over it!

4.Shilpa Shetty


Getting Married?

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This is one solid heavy rock on those sleek fingers. Raj Kundra is known to have gifted his beloved a 20-carat diamond ring which costs somewhere around 3-crores!

5.Elizabeth Hurley


This stunning ring has a platinum setting with an approximate 9-carat center blue sapphire and a 2-carat Trillion cut diamond on each side and was popped to the lady by the famous player,Shane Warne.

6.Jessica Biel


An 18-carat white gold and black rhodium plated ring with square hearts and arrow diamonds was presented as a token of love by Justin Timberlake to his lady love Jessica Biel.