Your Groomsmen and Bridesmen are your chuddy-buddies and your jigar ka tukhras that are going to be right by your side throughout your wedding shenanigans, and you just cannot do without them! They are special to you and well they should be made to feel the same too! The best way to make your Groomsmen and Bridesmen feel loved and appreciated is by giving them a gift that is meaningful yet practical at the same time, and not always burning a hole in your pocket without an actual usage.

Yes, it does get confusing and cumbersome to pick out the right gift while having other things to worry out, to help you narrow down your search we have our top picks for giving the wonderful men in your life the perfect gift that is the perfect token of gratitude.

Crazy Cufflinks and Lapel

These lego and moustache cufflinks along with star wars inspired lapel are all things cute, your groomsmen who are a superhero or Marvel fans are going to drool over this cray-cray gifts, that also can be coordinated and worn! This is a definite yes for your special "yaars" at your D-Day!

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Customised Flasks

Where there is a wedding, there is bound to be some booze for sure! You can opt for custom flasks with your groomsmen's name or caricature! This is one of the classic and super dependable groomsmen and bridesmen gifting idea.

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One For The Gamer 

For your chuddy buddies who haven't grown a tad, and are still glued to their video games, this is it! These gifts are perfect for your gamer and Pub-G buddies who are crazy over gamming. They make the perfect accessory to add on the tabletop, adding a lot of cuteness.

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Pocket Watch

This is for the men in your life who are old school and who like classic things. A pocket watch is definitely a statement piece for your pals thanking them for being with you through it all. 

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For The Love Of Drinks!

These are super sassy and all-time favourite gifting idea, you cannot go wrong with booze at all. For the friends who can appreciate a good bottle, gift them their favourite spirit along with some whiskey stones, or a personal beer mug set with their name and a funky quote. It is for sure going to be a hit and they'll raise a glass to your gift!

Wine & Wine Holder

This wine and wine holder set is the perfect token of love to be given to the wine-loving classy men in your lives. It is stylish and usable at the same time. 

Beer Mug Set

These super adorbs and funky personalised beer mug set make a perfect gift for your chilled-out beer having groomsmen and bridesmen. every time they are going to have a beer, they'll remember your wedding with a smile for sure! 

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Classy Assorted Sets

Tie sets

Tie sets are super classy which come in great use for the men who are formal lovers! There are different assorted combinations to customise accordingly with lapels, cufflinks, wallets etc. One of the best options to go for, if, you want to play it safe!

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Passport Cover Assorted Set

These are quite a good option for the travel freak buddies that you have, it adds a personal touch to it while being super useable! With such an easy to spot detail, your favourite men will easily adore this and also their passport will never to lost, a win-win!

Personalised Grooming Kits

Grooming never goes out of style with the ladies or men. These grooming kits come in handy during and after the wedding, especially if it's a destination wedding. You can even go for a personalised grooming kit with their name on the pouch.


Did you find the perfect gift for the best men in your lives? Share your inputs in comments!

Creative & Fancy Gifts For Groomsmen And Bridesmen On Your D-Day

by Ayesha Kohli

Creative & Fancy Gifts For Groomsmen And Bridesmen On Your D-Day