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Getting-Ready Portraits You Must Get Clicked To Cherish For A Lifetime

Simran Keswani , 01 Dec 2017

It’s no secret that all of us women fantasize of our wedding day from the time we were very little, making fake veil from our mom’s dupatta and imagining about walking under the canopy of flowers to our prince charming. But, what about the time when we are at the highest high of life? That rush of blood inside the bundle of nerves and that energy while we are decking up to finally enter into an all-new world. That is exactly the time when our expressions and emotions are not in our control which in itself is the perfect time to get captured. You are sure to cherish these on-point captured images.

Here is a list of shots that you must ask your photographer to capture for you. Get screenshotting!

#1 Let the camera catch you hog

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You've been dieting all this while to fit into your dream bridal attire and managing the waistline is a serious job. But it's the D-Day now and you can hig freely. Let the cam capture that sigh of relief. 

#2 While you primp and pamper for your boo

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There is nothing like getting pampered especially on your wedding day. Don’t forget to ask your photographer to capture all the primping and pampering that went into your look.

#3 Before you adorn the bridal avatar

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The first time you enter into your bridal outfit is a magical moment, make sure to get enough pictures of that moment exuding adrenaline rush.

#4 While you doll up

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You put a lot of thought into your bridal look by choosing every detail deliberately. While your photographer is snapping away with portrait picture, remind him to take close up shots of your jewellery, plus it is a great way to show your wedding ring too.

#5 All set to slay the bridal walk

Your bridal footwear is as important as your wedding outfit. Don’t forget to put them in the spotlight.

#6 One with your doggo

There is nothing like getting ready for your little sweetheart. Don’t leave them out of your get ready ritual. Have your photographer on hand to take some candid with your special one while everyone else is prepping.

#7 A moment of fresh breathe before the wedding madness

With so many tasks coming one after other on your wedding, it could be a little overwhelming to take everything at a time so, amidst the hustle bustle of so many preparations, let alone yourself for a moment of fresh air.

#8 While you are all smiles

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Some of the best moments before you walk down the aisle would be with your friends laughing and having fun so make sure your photographer captures of your candid laugh for you will love looking back at them.

#9 Some Final Touchups

Chances are that you will always feel that there is a scope for more touch up till your baraat is at your doorstep but when you finally feel ready take a moment to pose.

#10 Time to down the veil

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The veil is the last step to your bridal look. Be sure to get its intricacies captured in a picture.

CONGRATULATIONS! Now you are all set to walk down the aisle.

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