Do you know what are some of the greatest moments we've witnessed while looking back on all the wedding albums we come across? The special moments right before a bride and groom step down the aisle to start a new life together. Basically, getting ready photos! 

Honestly, we absolutely love those pictures the most of a couple before they become each other's forever partners because they capture the nervousness and excitement that's swimming in their eyes and over their lips. From sweet anticipation to the glam and stunning transformation into a bride and groom, they're cherished moments that we suggest all couples should capture! Thus, we bring to you inspiration on all the kinds of images that a bride and groom should definitely add to their wedding albums!

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Must-Have Getting Ready Photos For Brides & Grooms

The One Of The Bridal Lehenga On Display

Well, wedding lehenga photographed is kind of the most frequently seen pictures that pop up in a wedding album. They're beautiful and showcase the bride's attire in full glory. So, make sure you definitely add these to your album.

The One With The Quintessential Veil Shot

Ah, veil shots! Such stunning and enchanting ways to capture a bride's portrait. We've always been mesmerised by a lovely veil shot of a bride. And the quintessential veil shot is not new as this trend is going on from the time immemorial! So make sure you get one clicked. 📸

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The One With The Foodie Bride

The excitement and nervousness that the wedding day comes with, it is very common for brides to lose their appetite. But then there are foodie brides, who have their priorities set and food tops their list even on the D-day! They're super cool, relaxed and binging on their favourite food, which makes these photos quirky and whimsical and an absolute treat to look back upon! 

The One With The Ring Light Portrait

Ring lights are kind of a necessity these days in photoshoots. They're probably the easiest way of getting the perfect lighting for a bridal portrait that captures the bride's makeup and jewellery in the best way possible! And this new kind of trend that's emerged for brides to get a ring light portrait is one we say should stay!

The One With The Dupatta Draping

We've seen them a million times before, but dupatta draping shots over a bride's head are obviously beautiful. They not only capture the bride-to-be's nervousness but also the tinge of excitement and end up becoming quite iconic as time goes by. 

The One With The Full Portrait 

Yes, this is the one you need. After spending days over days to create the ideal bridal outfit for your wedding day, not getting a full photograph of you in that outfit would be a big mistake. You've earned it, so flaunt it!

The One With The Jewels On Display

Like we said before, a bride spends a great deal of time finalising her bridal ensemble. So, getting a picture with the jewellery she's found after searching a great deal is very important. It should be a shot that focuses greatly over your jewellery, capturing every detail that's gone into the making of these prized heirlooms. 

The One With The Groom's Sherwani

Now, every bride ends up getting a picture of her lehenga on display. But what about the groom? We say every groom should have his sherwani's money-making shot clicked as well. So grooms-to-be, make sure you get that much important and quirky photo clicked!

The One With The Makeup Close Up

If you are art, your makeup artist is THE ARTIST! When your MUA is beautifying you through their makeup skills ensure to capture those moments forever. And, after so many calculations and hassles, capture your bridal makeup that focuses on your lips, eyes, face, etc. & get a perfect makeup shot! 

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The One With The Bride & Groom Sharing A Makeup Space

Make your wedding album a collection of fun images, put out the most fun versions of yourself in those images so that when you're looking back on these photos, there's nothing but smiles. And if that means sharing a makeup space, or playing around with each other's dressing table, then why not?

The One With The Bride Wearing Her Bridal Jewellery

Photos of a bride getting ready to walk down the aisle are endearing! And we love those one or two shots of her fixing her hair, makeup or jewellery and tidying herself before she walks down to the mandap. They make for the best bridal portraits that can be found over the internet for us to relish over. So, ensure you have one or two of such photographs in your album. 

The One With The Safa Tying 

Groom's don't get enough credit! Everyone's always talking about how the groom gets dressed in half an hour tops! But the ones behind the scenes truly know that every groom-to-be puts in (or tries!) equal amount of effort to get dressed in look dapper in front of his gorgeous bride-to-be. And one such effort he puts in is the safa added to his outfit. Thus we suggest you get that essential safa tying shot!


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65+ Must-Have Getting Ready Photos For Brides & Grooms To Bookmark Today!

by Shivani Singh

65+ Must-Have Getting Ready Photos For Brides & Grooms To Bookmark Today!