5 Latest Garhwali Nath Designs Every Bride-To-Be Must Know of!

Tanya Baisoya, 14 Oct 2019

If you are a bride-to-be, you would understand the pressure of having the right jewellery in your trousseau, as it can accentuate a bride’s features like nothing else can. And, if you are a bride who loves regional looks then Garhwali naths are one thing you need to wear at your wedding. The large hoop naths, also known as nathulis, are one of the most significant parts of a Pahari bride’s jewellery. They are mostly covered with gold, gems and pearls and are semi-circular in shape. The Garhwali Naths are so opulent and artistic in nature that you would want to pick one for your own wedding, with no second thoughts. And, if we tell you the 5 Garhwali nath designs, some of which are by the famous Sabyasachi, we are sure it will fill your hearts with ecstasy. So, here we are!

Let's Take You Through The Different Garhwali Nath Designs!

1. The Elegant White Pearl Nath

Sabyasachi has embellished this nath with pearls all over, making it a huge contemporary nath, definitely one to die for! The beautiful pearl nathuli has a thick and huge hoop and has been balanced by a chain attached to it. You can connect this chain with your hair or attach it all the way back to your head. The nath matches with the mattha patti and necklace, making it a perfect fusion. 

2. Basra Pearls Nath

This is another one made with pearls, but if you look at the intricacies, this one is different from the one listed above. Unlike the other one, this Garhwali nath has only two stones on the sides and has green gemstones that add to its beauty. Creating a fusion of white pearls and gemstones, Sabyasachi’s nath design is an oldy, but one that you would keep forever with you.   

3. The Opposite Nath

A rare sight to every eye, we can bet that not many of you would have seen this beautiful nath. White pearls are hanging near the lips in this one, supported with a chain that is attached to the hair. This opposite nath is definitely a trendsetter that every bride needs to wear for a glorious look! 

4. Everything Flowery, Nath

A gold ring nath that would make anybody’s heart skip a beat! This one is a masterpiece with a concoction of white pearls and gold. Hanging near the lips are the tiny white pearls, and above them is a beautiful flower. This nath is attached to the hair with two thin chains made of pearls. We can vouch that, everything about this nath is breathtaking! 

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5. The Traditional Nath

If you are looking for a large hoop nath that gives you more of a traditional and authentic feel, then this nath is made just for you! This one is an intricately designed nathuli, with two pearls that are sheltered with gold covering near the nose. Unlike the others, this is a semi-circle shaped nath styled with a polki flower near lips, and finally, some green gemstones inside the flower. 


Which Nath Design is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.