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21+ Hilarious Wedding Signage Ideas to Make your Guests Laugh Out Loud

Anupriya Khanna, 09 Jul 2019

Want to make your wedding both momentous & downright fun experience for your guests to cherish all their lifetime? Then, some witty & funny signages are all you will need to add a dash of humour to your otherwise dreamy union. Wedding signages are a fun way to not only spruce up your wedding decorations but also infuse tons of laughter to your celebrations. If done right, they can be one of the most memorable elements to take away from a wedding. While your guests will definitely adore all the beauteous floral decorations & fancy adornments at the wedding, there’s a greater possibility of them only remembering lit signage that reads ‘Darling, Tere Doley Na by God, Moonlight me Lashkarey Maarte Hai’. Isn’t it?

Well, if you too feel the same, you wouldn’t mind going through these playful & hilarious wedding signages we saved for you. Be it for the entrance area, the poolside or for the bar, we’ve got one to perk up each and every corner at your wedding. Drive through and engage in some hearty laughs!

Most Clever & Funny Signages we spotted at Weddings

For the Bar Area

~ Happy or embarrasing, all the memories need to be captured equally well. So, here's a signage that talks aloud of drunken diaries at Indian weddings!

~ A shot of whiskey to get you all tipsy.

~ Nothing more lit than a bar wall like this!

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

~ A signage that fits just well for your bar area.

~ This personalized signage is sure to raise the laughter quotient at your wedding.

~ To all the men in the house, it will only take a few bucks to save your lives.

~ When the bar menu screams 'All that Indian shiz!' 

~ Because 'Booze' is the secret of all the non-dancers dancing like a pro!

Source Janvi Dave

~ This signage sums it all.

To spruce up ordinary sitting lounges

~ Here's a funny signage all the men would agree to!

~ The 'Satyavachan' about a happily married life. :P

~ If these personalized signages don't make you laugh, nothing else will!

Some funny signages for your Photobooth

~ One with the lyrics of a popular Bollywood song!

~ Going desi and filmy is the new fad.

~ Dearest grooms, once you finally take the plunge, there's no scope for any exchange and returns.

Something for your Bridal entry too!

~When she's a 'late lateef' bridey!

~In case you're having second thoughts, let us tell you that your game is already over!

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Add some quirk at the Poolside

~ You can't do away with your pool party without these super important rules!

Source Horizon Wie

~ What better signage than this to put up by your favour corner for your pooside bash?

Source Pink Palki

To Announce your Dance Floor Rules 

~ A suitable etiquette guide for the dance floor

For a giggle-full Ribbon cutting ceremony

~ This humble request from all the bridesmaids to their beloved jijus!


Which signage made you ROFL? Share your favorites in the comments!