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Fun Filled Pre-Wedding Shoot of Sejal & Amit by Candid Wedding Stories!

Neha Garg, 30 Nov 2015

I love how she makes me feel,

like anything is possible,

or like life is worth it!

Our favorite thing in this pre-wedding, first, the horse cart shoot, which gives a royal touch to the pictures and then the love & coziness they share. 

How did they meet?

Sejal and Amit, first met in Junior college and are friends till now. He was known to be a very shy guy and she was ‘Miss Popular’, hence there was always a communication barrier, but they had a soft corner for each other. After college, they moved to different colleges to pursue their careers, but used to talk and meet for one or the other reason. Sejal shares, “I was still unsure of what this feeling was, till the time I started meeting up guys of my parents’ choice. I was looking for everything that he already has in the guys that I was meeting. Being commitment phobic, it took a little longer, but after realizing, I made my family meet him instantly, they also liked him and then I said a YES”.

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One thing about your husband, you instantly fell in love with? His innocence, honesty, humble behavior, simplicity, Caring nature and many more things made me fall in love with him instantly (sorry for naming more than one thing :p).

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Sejal on her husband, Amit For me, he became the meaning of ‘love’. It's much more about expressing, than just saying. The way he treats me is exactly what I always wanted in my soul mate. With his little gestures, he wins my heart every day. I feel blessed to be married to him!

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Amit on his wife, Sejal I can't thank God enough for sending Sejal in my life, can't imagine my life without her. I am also fortunate that we had 11 years to understand each other and develop a bond which can't be broken at all. She is beautiful, caring, hardworking, intelligent, blessed to be with her in this life.

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Couple on their photographer, Manish He has given us the best memories. One of the best days during our courtship period was the pre-wedding shoot. His photography sense and ideas are quite different and creative from the regular bunch of photographers. The pictures turned out to be really amazing. He is already booked for the weddings taking place in our families too.

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Manish, the photographer on this cute couple, Sejal & Amit They were the most fun loving couple to shoot with, they were spontaneous, creative, and fun. I really enjoyed capturing their special moments

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Photographer: Candid Wedding Stories

Shaadisaga wishes them a life full of love, laughter and craziness!