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From Practicing Law to Beautifying Women: A Look at Makeup Artist Parul Garg’s Incredible Journey

Neha Garg, 09 Oct 2015

In an industry where trends evolve daily and newer, crazier products stock the beauty shelves, makeup artist Parul Garg steers clear of the drifts and inclinations, letting only her heart and instincts take over. The end result? Each bride looking like a million bucks, and each in a strikingly unique avatar! We couldn’t be happier having chatted with her about her experiences as a makeup artist, what ticks her, what she does in her spare time, and most importantly, how she deals with clients in case they come out unhappy. It’s surely an interesting read; so, scroll away!

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What made you choose makeup as a profession after pursuing Law? Makeup has always been my passion. Coming from a highly educated family of doctors, makeup artistry was something I was never expected to take up professionally. So, although, I was under no pressure to do so, I decided to study and practice law and was quite good at it. But, you see, we’re all slaves to our heart! After getting a lot of encouragement from my husband and his parents, I decided to finally do something I was created for. And here I am!

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Interesting! So, how do you choose what makeup style would suit a bride? Actually, it depends upon various factors. I usually like to know what the 'bride-to-be wants and take things from there. I hold a detailed consultation session with the girl where I look at the face, features, jewelry, outfit, etc and decide what kind of makeup would suit her best.



What’s that one thing about your work that others lack? With such fierce competition in the industry today, what’s your USP? (Laughs) Well, I prefer to let my work speak for me. And that is why I have generously uploaded many pictures of my work on my website and Facebook page so people can see and decide for themselves whether I stand out from the competition or if I am a part of the herd. Surely, being a successful makeup artist is no smooth ride. What's the biggest makeup challenge you’ve faced in this profession? I like to take every makeup I do as a challenge and deliver the best I can. This way, it’s fun and no longer a turn off!Every bride has her own unique features and that gives me the opportunity to discover my own style as I work on their face. The biggest and the most enjoyable challenge at the same time is to keep delivering something new, fresh, interesting and not the same old run-of-the-mill makeup on every face!


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But, what if, sometimes, a customer asks for a certain makeup style that you are sure would not suit them? How do you convince them otherwise? Well, 99% of the time I do not face this problem as the customer has full faith in me! Still, in situations where I face this issue, I give the customer a trial where I show her the look she is asking for and the look I recommend. And, that’s how we make the decision! Over to some technicalities now, could you tell us the difference between applying makeup for a TV shoot and applying makeup for a live function such as weddings? To be truthful, it is more or less the same. The only key difference is that live function makeup is generally heavier. You see, when it comes to television shows or shoots, the post-processing involves multiple filters, which commands light makeup. At the live event, however, you want your subject and her features to be clearly visible even from a distance. Therefore, we leave no stone unturned in accentuating the bride’s features.


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Have you come across a client who wasn’t happy with your work? How did you handle them, and how do you usually avoid such a situation? It has never happened so far because as I mentioned before, in most cases I arrange for a comprehensive pre-wedding trial where we can discuss the looks the customer wants and try those. This way, the customer is in for no surprises or shocks on the D-day! That, is probably the best way to avoid any unpleasant, last-minute situations. Convenient! Do you follow trends? Nope. Old or new, I don’t follow trends. I simply follow my instinct and do what I think is the best for the client based upon various factors as I have mentioned before. Very often, the end result is a combination of some time-tested techniques as well as some modern ones blended together in perfect harmony to lend the perfect look.

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So, would you like to say that your instincts are what sets you apart from the others? Absolutely! The simple answer is – I do makeup with my heart. It is my passion and not just my profession. I find it most satisfying when a client feels beautiful. After I finish, I love the look on their face when they look in the mirror and see the results. No prizes for guessing that they actually feel beautiful. I follow the best international practices in makeup – techniques, product standards, a strict and very thorough hygiene and cleanliness routine. I use only top-of-the-line brands and equipment. No compromises in anything.


Lastly, we’d love to know a little about your experiences away from the craft of makeup. Apart from practicing Law for a few years, my most memorable experiences are from my worldwide travels. I have travelled to most parts of the world except for South America. I especially love going to the US, London, Dubai and South East Asia. I also love to sing when I get a chance. It might interest you to know that I have learned Hindustani Classical Music, and have been practicing it for 15 years. That, and Kathak.

Shaadisaga Wishes Parul Garg a long way filled with success and growth!