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From Ordinary to Stunning: Let your Wedding Lights do the Talking!

Neha Garg, 14 Jun 2016

Wedding planning in India chiefly revolves around food, decor and bridal attire. A lot of weddings fail to impress when it comes to lighting; not many know that the right lights can completely transform a wedding into a great dazzling event. As per the experts, this often overlooked and under budgeted aspect of a wedding is extremely helpful and can make your venue look spectacular when done in a professional manner. Lighting does not simply mean to flood the venue with brightness; it means managing the lights of the room in a way to create just the right ambience for everyone. Here is some information about the different types of lighting to help you make your choice.

Pin-spot lighting

Pin spot lighting

A pin spot refers to a focused beam of light. The light is shone directly on certain objects to highlight them. This works wonders in highlighting your floral decor, centerpiece, cake table, and buffet, which you will want to do if you spend a lot of time and effort in these details. Apart from creating a splendid ambience, pin spot lighting also works to enhance your pictures like no other and is a top favorite among planners and photographers.

Wall Washes Lighting

Wall washes

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Another popular lighting option, washes are basically a blanket of colored light spread across an area to create the mood you want. This kind of lighting can instantaneously transform a plain venue into a stunning, picturesque space. As the wedding progresses, the color schemes of the wedding can be changed to reflect the different moods of the event. For example, you can have bright colors during the rituals and warmer, softer colors during dinner. With the right color choices, it will have a terrific effect.

Intelligent lighting

Intelligent Lighting

Famously known as LED, this lighting can be used to add elements to your event through the use of logos and patterns in different colors.

Floating Candles and Diyas


If there is a pond or a fountain near or in the venue, candles and diyas can be used to light up the place and draw the guests' attention.

Light Rangoli

Light Rangoli

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A Rangoli of lights,  designed using electrical or oil Diyas, can be the central point of your wedding decor.

Chinese Lanterns


View Shaadisaga Store of Bougainvilla Design Several weddings these days incorporate lanterns in their wedding. A symbol of love, the lights give an ethereal feeling.

String Lighting


Strings of LED lights can create a magical look. While they are time consuming to install, their effect is beautiful - and it does not hurt that they are pretty affordable! ShaadiSaga Tips 1. Theme Matters: The theme you've chosen for your wedding decor will also influence the combination of lighting you will use. Classic, rustic, romantic, modern or bohemian - each theme will require a different type of lighting combination. A discussion with your decorator will sort this out. 2. Feasibility at Venue: Your Decorator will also need to check if the type of lighting you want is feasible at your venue! 3. Enough Power: Ensure that there is enough power-back-up for your chosen lighting. If you do not get a generator, remember to keep it out of earshot of the guests. Featured Image: Bhumi&SimranPhotography Writing Credits: Shampa Basu