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From Drab To Fab: A Bride-To-Be Shares Her Pre-Bridal Experience At Jamuna Pai’s

Tanya Puri, 14 Sep 2016

Girls, what we need to remember is that while everything else is a big deal during wedding planning, of course, but more than anything else, people will be looking at that face of yours. And as a bride-to-be, I can tell you that it cannot be anything less than absolutely radiant and glowing! Like most brides, amidst the planning, I too forgot about the most important thing to take care of: my skin.

So, when my mother sat down and spent hours looking for the perfect option to hydrate my dull and uneven skin, she found among the top Dr Jamuna Pai’s Skin Lab which was earlier referred to as Blush Clinic. Reading positive reviews online about the clinic gave us enough confidence to go for The Hydration Facial and have an experience of my own.

First Impressions

Rather than just taking me straight to a room and given a change of clothes, a detailed assessment of my skin was taken into account with the Associate Doctors first (Dr. Jamuna Pai herself comes at a heavy price!). This was followed by a customised programme carried out under trained therapists with the use of products that were just the right type for my skin.

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The Procedure

It kicked off with cleansing the skin, where they used an in-house cleansing milk. The face was then covered with a hot towel for a few seconds, to relax it from any kind of tension or stress. And boy, it worked!

This was followed by a very fruity-peachy pack on my face, which felt very light and less-cakey, unlike most of the facials. This helped exfoliating and prepping the skin for whitehead extraction process, which was surprisingly so painless! (Ask the doctor how I was a ball of nerves initially).

Then came the High Frequency Treatment, a process so unknown to me that I bombarded the doctors with innumerable questions. From treating stubborn acne, enlarged pores to puffy eyes, this treatment is really extensive! In my case, it was only needed for uneven skin tone. Here, an electrical device is used which not only heats up the tissues but also ensures that enough moisture is seeped through to the deep ends of the skin. I had just processed all this information, when I was told that I will be treated with an Oxyblast now! The word "blast" made me think of things being violently shot at my face but thankfully, it was just high-pressure oxygen to let the hydration serum seep into my skin.

The best part of the treatment was in the skin brightening and lightening face pack that had gold particles in it, that left my skin looking fresh and dewy! To end the process, they used The Skin Lab’s Day Cream to protect the skin from the sun.

My Verdict

After the procedure ended, my skin definitely felt like it could breathe on its own. The only setback was the redness, which was due to the whitehead extraction. However, I was ensured that it would be okay in a few days. And, so it was!

Walking out without a speck of make-up never felt so good! Definitely recommended. Price: Rs 4000

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Featured Image Courtesy: Blush Clinics Blogspot