Real Brides are Flaunting Floral Kaleeras & These Designs are So Gorgeous!

Divya Arora, 12 Dec 2018

Spanning from the wedding looks and decor to wedding favors and even food & drinks spread, the year 2018 has been one happening year for experimental trends. Amidst the bundles of new and unique trends, the one trend that has evolved and paved its way straight to our hearts is the exquisite and graceful kaleeras.

Kaleeras make up for one of the most scintillating and gorgeous accessories of a bride's look. The sound of them rustling while you frolic about and the much-desired bling they add to elevate your entire look is unmatched. And not to forget the crazy and fun "rustling kaleeras over your friends & siblings" moments. Stemming from the traditions into every modern bride's wedding trousseau the charm of kaleeras has only been opulently growing. It's like they say, "some things are forever!"

Having said that, kaleera designs have mesmerizingly bloomed from the authentic golden ones to new-age and oh-so-pretty floral ones. And brides have been heart-ing this kaleera trend with so much love and admiration. So much so, that donning elegant flower garlands for kaleeras has literally become a fad amongst the brides of today.

For instance, some brides went all out and chose kaleeras simply made of white and a little baby pink roses for those subtle pristine feels. They are the perfect choice for your pastel outfits and look elegant AF.

Source Flosaira
Source Flosaira

For brides who absolutely heart red roses, such garlands make up for perfect floral kaleeras. They are ethereal and look super graceful!

Another favorite amongst 'em brides are the mogra kaleeras. Kaleeras either made completely with mogras or along with other flowers like roses are undoubtedly unique. Look at this bride's kaleeras.

Then we also spotted this bride who donned heavy tuberose kaleeras and believe us nothing compares to that!

And like it's said, there's something for every kinda bride, the same is the case here with kaleeras. For the brides who still want to celebrate the quintessence of the classic golden kaleeras but won't mind a dash of edge, this fusion is just perfect! Made with faux flowers there's absolutely no match for these fancy and classy kaleeras. Have a look at how brides have been digging for these ones!

Source Prune India
Source Prune India
Source Prune India

Well, we can't stop obsessing over these beauties. Can you?


Let us know if you would be choosing floral kaleeras too!