We all know how this pandemic has made life tough and more so for brides who are planning to get married soon. While there are gazillion things on their to-do list, one thing that every bride focuses on is getting fit for her wedding day. If you’re upset that you cannot hit the gym because of the COVID-19 situation, then don’t worry. We’ve found some of the best gym alternatives for brides that you can try at your home.

So, if you want a flat tummy, then ensure to follow these latest fitness routines that you can adapt easily to stay in shape, which you’ve always wanted for your dream intimate wedding day. 

Best Home Gym Alternative For Brides-To-Be

Easy Gym Alternative For Brides Who Are Totally Out Of Practice

While just before your wedding isn’t the right time to opt for the easy gym alternatives but for the brides that cannot go through rigorous workout amidst all the hassle, here are some easy choices.

1. Brisk Walk Or Jog To Your Ideal Weight

We never give immense importance to the benefits of brisk walking for 45 mins every day or a good run first thing in the morning, right? So while social distancing needs to be practised, brides can take out a little time early in the morning or evening to burn the extra calories they are adding to their diet

2. Yoga For The Mind & Body

While yoga might sound like a slower alternative to adapt at this point, every bride will agree that the benefits are multiple. From relieving stress to burning calories, a yoga session can do so much for the body that we tend to usually overlook.

Also for brides worried about looking bloated on camera, stick to facial yoga every day and get that jawline sharpened before your wedding day to look flawless on camera. 

Home Gym Alternative For Brides That Love To Dance

These are the best gym alternatives for brides who love dancing and are finding it extremely difficult to focus on workout right before their wedding. Here are some workout forms that make use of their dancing skills while lifting their mood and spirits with songs of their choice. 

3. Dance Like No One’s Watching

Now we all know that dancing burns calories in the most fun way possible. But is it really the right gym alternative for brides? Well, we’d say it is if done like a routine with the help of professional dance workout videos available online. Don’t know what we’re talking about? Then check these out. 


4. Just Zumba It Away

While many of you’d argue that Zumba is the same as dancing, we’d just like to add that the Zumba choreography emphasises on more on its 16 core steps that burns fat from all the major body parts and directly lead to its toning. All in all, Zumba can be called as the more organized version of aerobics and will work brilliantly for brides that love dancing to fast beat songs.

Best Gym Alternative For Brides Who Are Fitness Freaks

Lastly, if you have always been into fitness and are hating the fact that you can’t hit the gym, here are some best gym alternatives for brides that you can give a try.

5. Raise The Bar With HIIT

High-Intensity Interval Training is known to be the best for faster fat burning and overall fitness in a shorter time span. So brides who are running around the entire day here’s a form of fitness routine that needs only 25-30 minutes of your time every day to get you into the perfect shape for your big day. If you’re wondering how to go about doing HIIT at home, check out some of these famous HIIT workout videos that you can take advantage of. 

6. Cuz Tabata Is The New Cool

Tabata is a cooler form of HIIT workout featuring exercises that last for about 4 minutes. It is clearly for brides who have a higher than average level of fitness and want to push boundaries right before their big day to make that big change in how they look and feel. Check some of these cool Tabata videos out from the internet that can be of great help to you. 

7. Just Play A Sport

While playing a sport sounds extremely limiting in the Covid situation, we know one thing that might work for every bride and that’s Badminton. With no proper court around, you can still play on the streets or your terrace. All you have to do is arrange for badminton rackets, shuttlecock, and a partner to play religiously for 1-1.5 hours and burn more than 500 calories every day. Doesn't this sound like the most fun workout ever? 


Tell us in comments if you know any other home gym alternatives for brides!

7 Fitness Alternative For Brides That Cannot Hit The Gym During Coronavirus

by Chinar Ghorawat

7 Fitness Alternative For Brides That Cannot Hit The Gym During Coronavirus