Internet's Most Famous Elderly Couple is back with yet another Dance Video!

Anupriya Khanna, 01 Apr 2019

Having grown up listening to the song 'I wanna grow old with you', every 90s kids must have dreamt the kind of love people only write in novels. While this couple is surely growing old together, they are also dancing old together and making our hearts melt. 

Meet Mr. & Mrs. Singh, the Sikh couple who left us amazed with their swift & smooth dancing moves back in November and is now back with another mind-boggling dance video. The lovely duo became an internet sensation when their dearest daughter, Gitana Singh shared a video of them dancing to the tunes of 'Lamberghini' on Instagram nearly four months ago. And here they are again setting some major goals for the millennials with their groovy moves (on the same song). So much so, that almost every portal is praising of them from rooftops!

If you haven't seen the video yet, you're definitely missing out on something big. So, go ahead, watch the video and get inspired to dance as flawlessly as them. 

The latest dancing video of the 'Lamberghini Couple'

In the video, which was shared by their daughter, the couple can be seen dressed in their stylish best in multi-hued outfits and frolicking around at a wedding. We love how they are too totally engrossed dancing by themselves flaunting those contagious smiles and impeccable dancing skills throughout.

The first-ever sensational video of the 'Lamberghini Couple'

Prior to this video, Gitana had shared this black & white version where her parents could be seen dancing to the same Punjabi party banger.

Aren't these two simply adorable? Well, we definitely have fallen in love with them after watching these videos and are hoping to see them continue blowing the internet as well as our minds with their romantic dance moves!


What do you have to say about their flawless dance performance? Share with us in the comments.