Fall In Love With This Dreamy Wedding Story of Sid & Claire

Neha Garg, 17 Apr 2016

"Soulmates are two halves of the same soul who join together for a beautiful journey of life called marriage".

Every girl dreams of a dreamy wedding and Claire, the beautiful bride of our real wedding story, had a wedding, which looked like a page from a fairytale book. Breathtaking white orchids that promise of everlasting love were hanging from the tree, adding a romantic look to the wedding ceremony and the gorgeous lush green backdrop with a melange of yellow, magenta, and purple flowers popping beautifully elevated the wedding destination. You could go spellbound with the aisle that was decorated with the ambrosial white lilies, rose petals  spread on the carpet of luscious grasses bringing a dramatic entry of the bride and the groom. The outdoor looked magical with soft lights adorned on the bushes and the surroundings adding an extravagant look. This isn't a fiction story of a romantic novel, we present you the sweetest and loving soul mates Claire and Sid, whose love story will make you believe in happily ever after.



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Claire about the Photographer, Neha Brackstone It was fabulous having Neha, as our wedding photographer. As a bride you spend more time with your photographer at your wedding than with almost any other person so you need someone fun, energetic and a good conversationalist. Neha is all those things and more. Her photos were beautiful and the album she put together for us was absolutely brilliant. My parents liked it so much they asked for one too! I am delighted we had Neha shoot our wedding, and now I have a new friend plus I now know a great photographer :)

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The couple decided to say ‘I do’ in the royal city of Jodhpur. Claire shares with us that there couldn't have been a better wedding destination other than the beautiful and magical Jodhpur city.


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Claire never knew that one look at Sid would change her life completely and make her fall head over heels with him that they would settle up getting married. We share with you an awe inspiring love story which would melt your hearts. Continue reading and believe in fairytale romance. Like Bollywood films, Claire first met Sid on a flight to India, she found Sid hot and thanks to the technology she immediately clicked a photo of Sid and asked her friends if they knew him. A sign from heaven, luckily one of her friend was a high school buddy of Sid. Finally, Claire was introduced to Sid and within a couple of meets she knew he was the one. With time love bloomed between the adorable hearts and finally they decided to marry.


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Neha, our Photographer about the couple: My first meeting with Claire and Sid went on for hours as we chatted away like old friends, so the wedding shoot was full of laughter, innumerable special moments and so much warmth and love. It's a really enjoyable experience working when the couple is so organized, sure about what they want and yet so much fun. The wedding was a beautiful blend of cultures, ceremonies and stunning venues...a photographer's delight! Jodhpur will always be special for me because of them and I'm so happy I've gained two great friends in this couple whose beautiful baby I'm now photographing! Needless to say, I have the best job in the world. 

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Claire had both Christian and Hindu style wedding, so for her Sangeet and wedding ceremonies she decided to wear the outfits designed by fashion moguls Tarun Tahiliani and Anamika Khanna.

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A Thank you note: "Claire would love to thank Neha Brackstone, who provided the photographic evidence of the lovely wedding."

Shaadisaga wishes the couple a forever love life ahead!