Do These Exercises And Get Fit & Fine In A Month Before Your Wedding!

Tanya Baisoya, 26 Nov 2019

The wedding season is around the corner, and we know how dreary it might be getting for you with all the responsibilities on your head. But amidst all the shaadi pressure, don't forget to take care of yourself because it is your D-Day! And just to make your pre-wedding journey smooth, we have curated a list of exercises you can do at home. Yes! no need to go to the gym, we know you are already tied up with work. So, we got you some easy exercises you can do get fit before your wedding. And ladies, you don't need a one year or 6-month fitness regime, you just need to stay focused on your body and diet for a month. So, are you ready to slay at your wedding? Because we are ready with our handy tips for you!

Easy Exercises Brides Can Do At Home!

1. Get Those Abs!

More than anything else, what all the to-be-brides want, are the abs. And while it may sound taxing and time consuming to you. We tell you, that you might be wrong as we got this very famous fitness blogger's video on "10 minutes easy ab workout". Yes, you need to spare just 10 minutes, after your daily body part workout, at least five times a week and you will see the magic yourself! 

2. Full Body HIIT 

This high-intensity workout is going to leave you panting, and for good. We suggest you do this 15 minutes workout thrice a week, as it is going to help you lose major calories.

3. Toned Arms & Flat Belly

POPSUGAR Fitness is yet another YouTube channel all you to-be-brides must subscribe to. It entails a list of the different body part workouts. And, doing a different body part every day is very necessary, perhaps don't miss out on those arms!

4. Strong & Tight Legs 

Yes, the next body part that you should work on is your thighs. Toning your legs can take longer than losing fat from other body parts. But, we are sure by the end of a month your legs will be toner and stronger!

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5. Get The Sexy Back

Who said you need equipment to do back exercises? Check out this video! It will help you get that sexy back before your marriage!

6. For The Tiny Waist 

Get rid off those love handles by doing these exercises. On the days you want to skip abs, you can do sides because it will help you get that small waist.


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