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Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Hashtags!

Sanchita Kalra, 20 Feb 2017


Seems like the wedding hashtag craze has hit everyone. But nobody's talking about how to make one, how to inform guests, how to display it on the wedding? And in 2017, it's as important as your wedding invite (well, almost)! So we decided to put together everything (and we mean literally everything) a couple needs to know about wedding hashtags! #LetsGetItStarted

How To Create A Memorable Hashtag That's Also Unique

If you have nicknames, embrace the mushiness. Play with your first name and his last name. Throw in numbers or dates. There are endless ways to create a wedding hashtag and we put together what we learnt from 7 real couples who made the most creative wedding hashtags ever

Pro Tips To Consider

No Typos, Please!
All that time and struggle of making a wedding hashtag can go to waste if it’s spelt the wrong way, especially if you have a hashtag that has words ending and beginning with the same alphabets. For example, #nikitaandarjun can be confusing, so use #arjunandnikita instead.

Caps On
Capitalising each alphabet of the first word makes it easier to read and for others to figure out what your hashtag is. For example, #vangonekre is easier to comprehend as #VanGoneKre. 

Check Mate
It might be disappointing to see your hashtag already being used on social media. So, before you finalise, go on social media and do a little homework about whether it has been used before!

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How To Inform Guests About The Hashtag BEFORE The Wedding

Okay, now that you’ve created a wedding hashtag, the next thing to is to spread the word amongst your guests via:

#1 Save-The-Date invites

Image Credits: Pink Whistle Man

#2 On the wedding favours with the invite

Image Credits: Design Tuk Tuk

#3 On bridal shower invites

Image Credits: Design Tuk Tuk

#4 Or on bachelorette party props and hangover kits

Image Credits: Purple Tree Events

#5 Or if you've a destination wedding, welcome your guests with these!

Image Credits: Purple Tree Events

How To Display The Wedding Hashtag On Wedding Functions

Image Credits: Purple Tree Events

Your guests might forget what your hashtag is, so, it’s best to put the hashtag on display on all your functions. We put together a list of 11 ways to display your wedding hashtag at the venue from real weddings.

Featured Image Credits: Purple Tree Events

Got a quirky wedding hashtag that you'd like to share with us? Tell us in the comments below!

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