Bridal Makeup

Everything You Need To Know About Makeup Trials (With Bonus Tips!)

Priyanka Banerjee, 14 Aug 2017

Wedding planning starts months before the big event. Deciding the venue, fixing the menu, rushing to the shops to choose that perfect designer lehenga, taking hours giving the trials to choose the best for the most awaited day. It's all about the months before the wedding scenario. But what about our beautiful brides and their wedding makeup?

Deciding and finalising makeup artist 6 months before the wedding is as important as deciding the caterers and decor. And a very simple thing which the brides often skip is going for a makeup trial before their D-day.

But why is makeup trial important?

Just like you can’t choose a lehenga before giving a trial, you can’t go for a bridal makeup without taking a makeup trial. The makeup artists always suggest the brides-to-be a makeup trial so that they can get the desired look for their wedding day. A makeup trial will make you confident about your wedding day look as you can experiment with different bridal looks and choose the perfect one for you. It is suggested to schedule your makeup trial 3 months before the wedding which will cost you around 5,000-7,000 bucks, depending on the makeup artist.

After a makeup trial, your wedding look will be the last thing on your mind.

Things to keep in mind

But before our brides go for the makeup trial there are some things which you have to keep in mind.

- Do check and ensure that the shade of your face and neck is same. The last thing you will want to look layered on your special day instead of a flaunting a flawless and natural complexion.

- Let your makeup artist know about your skin type and makeup product preference so that your face doesn’t look caked up.

- A picture speaks a thousand words, thus bring the photos of the looks you are dreaming for your wedding day. It will help the makeup artist to get a better idea of your choice.

- You should go with a clean face for your makeup trial to help the makeup artist start from the scratch.

- Most of the makeup artists do not include hair in the makeup trial package. Thus, let your MUA know about your hairstyle preferences. If you’re planning to add some accessories to your hair, tell your MUA beforehand to avoid any confusion on the wedding day.     

- Take pictures under different lights to get an idea of the look.

- Don’t judge your makeup under fluorescent lights as it will highlight your makeup and make your face look bright and harsh. Check and adjust your makeup under the daylight.

- Do let your makeup artist know that if its a day or night wedding so that they can give a relevant look.

Tips for the brides

Delhi based makeup artist, Sakshi Sood has some useful and simple tips for the makeup trials for the brides-to-be

- Brides shall decide their outfit before coming for the makeup trial. This will make it easier to decide the look according to the colour of the lehenga the bride will wear.

- Don’t be adamant to your choice and be open to the suggestions given by the professionals.

- Be open for experiments during the makeup trial. This will help you get a better idea about how your face will look on the wedding day.

- Bring along few references with you to give a better picture of the look to the makeup artist.