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Every Newlywed’s Guide: 7 Tips to maintain the Post-Wedding Glow

Anupriya Khanna, 08 Sep 2018

After months of pampering and spending lavishly to get their skin in shape, no bride would ever want to let it all go to waste.  Especially when you know that as a new bride, all eyes will be glued on you. However, amidst all the wedding madness and stress, maintaining that perfect glow is not as easy as it seems.

And because you can’t afford to look any less than a tip-top newlywed (and make ‘em eyes roll in awe), we have got some amazing beauty tips for you to maintain that post-wedding glow. Swear by them and get set slay!

Best Post-wedding Beauty Tips For a Glowing Skin

1. Go makeup free or easy on it

After layering your face with tonnes of makeup throughout your wedding, it’s now time for you to give your skin a few days off from makeup. After all, your skin too deserves a breath of fresh air. And while your in-laws will still expect you to look like a decked up newlywed bride, you can play it smart by going easy on the makeup. There's one go-to hack I use everytime I'm not in a mood or just lazy to do all that steps and layers of makeup.

Just add a drop of foundation/mousse/BB cream in your regular moisturizer and dap it on to your face and neck area evenly. This will give you an even finish without much hassle. Finish it up just a couple swabs of compact powder and you're good to go. Also, lip & cheek stains are the best investment a newlywed bride should make; garb one from The Face Shop or Benefit. They're lifesavers, literally! 

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2. Catch up on some beauty sleep

All that wedding madness and the feeling of finally getting booked for life had sure taken a toll on your sleep and oh boy! you don't need those eye bags hanging along forever. Your bridal makeup artist did make sure your panda eyes don't make it to the mandap, but at last, you don't get to keep her in your wedding trousseau and so, you gotta take care of yourself on your own. Get your silk eye mask on and take that beauty sleep you deserve. Sleep is the best solution to all problems, it sure is.

3. Stay hydrated

One of the best tricks to keep your skin rejuvenated, smooth, soft and plum even after the wedding is drinking more and more of liquids—water, tender coconut, fresh juices, detox water, and herbal teas. Incorporate all that jazz in your daily intake and voila, hello again beautiful skin! And, believe it or not, drinking enough liquids is the ultimate key to a lot of skin/health problems—Acne, pigmentation, dullness, etc etc. You might end up making frequent loo trips but that's just toxins leaving your body.

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4. Always wear a Sunscreen

Irrespective of what weather it is, whether you’re planning to go out in sun or not, you should always coat your skin with a sufficient amount of sunscreen. One, It keeps your skin hydrated all day long. Two, Regular use of sunscreen leaves you with prettier skin tone and texture. Three, When you are out on the go, it protects your skin from the harmful UVA rays. So, don’t miss out on this one at all. Some daily wear sunscreens we recommend are:

  • Kama Ayurveda - Natural skin protection
  • Clinique - Mineral sunscreen fluid for face
Source Clinique

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  • Innisfree - Daily UV protection cream no sebum
Source Innisfree
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5. Incorporate some miracle foods in your diet

With all those post-wedding dinner invites and constant pampering from in-laws, eating clean seems like a distant dream (which means more acne and tired skin). However, you can always create a balance by including enough portions of water-rich fruits and veggies like watermelons, strawberries, papayas, celery, carrots and cucumbers in your diet. This way you neither compromise on your skin nor disappoint your in-laws.

6. Follow a basic skincare regimen

Just like eating healthy, following a proper skincare regimen is also imperative for a newlywed bride to maintain her post-wedding glow. So make it a point that you are following one religiously. Ensure that you are following the CTM routine—Cleansing, Toning & Moisturizing for your skin on a regular basis. You can even try some easy-peasy home remedies to get glowing, radiant skin at home without spending a fortune. Some easy and famous home remedies for glowing skin are:

  • Honey wash - Wash your face, twice a day using merely honey for a couple of days (Do not try this if your skin is reactive to honey. Patch test please!)
  • Gram flour & yogurt pack - One tablespoon gramfloor with enough curd to form a paste. Apply it until dry, wash off with lukewarm water and pat dry. 
  • Cod Liver Oil capsules - Wierd but effective! Prick one capsule of cod liver oil, squeeze out the oil and massage it on your face and neck. Leave for 10 mins and wash off.
  • Banana & milk - Mash one medium-sized banana, add enough milk to form a paste. Cover your face and neck and leave it for 10-15 mins. Clean and pat dry. 

7. Indulge in some physical activity

Exercising and sweating it out helps a lot when we talk about retaining facial glow. Get yourself enrolled for a gym session or maybe aerobics. If that doesn't seem possible while trying to adjust in your newly married life, stream youtube for easy home exercise and get your yoga mats out.

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Know some more tips to maintain post-wedding glow? Let us know in the comments.