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Every Bridesmaids Rulebook for A Bachelorette Party

Sanchita Sehgal, 26 Nov 2017

Organizing a bachelorette party is one of the most amusing and the exciting part of being a bridesmaid, but it takes hell lot of  sweat to attain the brow and becomes even more knotty if there are lots of girls (gossip session) take part. It's well-known that bridesmaid knows her bride really well and also knows how to make her day super special amidst the chaos of planning and trials.

Bridesmaids, there are chances of you forgetting essential details while carrying out a bachelorette party but, hustle not because you got us. We at Shaadisaga are giving all bridesmaids this rulebook to follow:

Rule #1: Dedicate the day to the bride

First thing before starting, the bachelorette party is all about the bride. All five fingers are not the same on the party happenings but then also involve in it with full zeal. The bride has chosen you to be on her side because you are special to her and you need to show vice-versa feelings.  Just make the flow of things according to her.Ensure there is more fun and less Drama.

Rule #2: Arrange all the necessary props

Go to your nearest party popper shop or get some props customised (you can search the Instagram for naughty & quirky prop providers). Every bride-to-be needs some odds & ends on her bachelorette to really feel like Cleopatra.

Rule #3: Lineup Interesting Games

The entire idea of a bachelorette is to ease the wedding stress for the bride. They need to stress-free and games can do wonders to get that point. Order some naughty games online and plan some innovative treasure hunt, beer pong, never have I ever - through the evening.

Rule #4: Mind That Pocket

For the rest of the activities you've planned, keep everyone's budgets (including the bride's!) in mind so that everyone feels comfortable participating.

Rule #5: Stock Up The Booze

Keep as many drinks as possible in stock. There should be no scarcity of drinks because that is the bible for the day. Every bridesmaid should keep in mind that you have enough stock to spill those secrets and have the time of your life.

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