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Enough of These Wedding Decors From 2017: Top Decorators Reveal

Bhavika Vallecha, 13 Nov 2017

After food, the decor is the second best thing about weddings. The use of various elements, their composition, the look and feel of the venue, the lights, the flowers, everything is so mesmerizing about the wedding decor. But, just like how fashion for clothes and makeup make a revamp every now and then, the wedding decor too needs to expand its horizons. While some wedding decors/themes have an evergreen spark to them, many need to just come to a halt simply because they've been done to death. 

We spoke to our best wedding decorators and they revealed some wedding decors they DO NOT wish to see and implement in the forthcoming year.


According to decorators like Aash Studio, The Wedding Designers, Shyamalee Thevar, Vintage Nutters, F5 Weddings & Fireflies Events — High tea party decor, floral pattern fabrics, vintage furniture, bird cages, use of pink and white flowers, ladders and hanging frames have been utilized to their best potential, and need not be squeezed any further. 


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Wedding decorator Mor Punk says, "I think this year dreamcatchers have been completely overused. Whether they're the bohemian, traditional or the ethnic ones. All through 2016 and 2017, these have shown up at mehndis and sangeets all around the country. This prop definitely needs a break now." 

Surely, we feel the same!


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Another trending decorator - Noor said, "One trend that should be done and dusted we feel is Gota. Gota is a super Indian element that when done in a tasteful manner ends up giving that quirk element to the overall look and feel of the wedding venue but done in abundance just gives it an unnecessary over the top element that just becomes even jazzier with lighting. Having done a lot of gota ourselves, we feel it's been used to its full potential for now!


Decorator Flowers By Design, "The Carnival theme has been witnessed all around the year and is now a boring theme to implement in weddings, we think it should probably be replaced by fresh themes like a Moroccan."


[1] Source Devika Narain [2] Planned by Amaahyaaj , Vadodara

According to decorators Ritu Mago, "The colour palettes will move away from the very neutral and pastels to bold dominant solid colours. Also, I feel the Pinterest homepage look is so done to death. With due credit to Pinterest for being the centre for ideas, images et al, nevertheless, I would like to see decor with more personal touches that represent a clients personality rather than putting in half-baked elements for their kitschy or quirky statement. (Some of them are such hideous copies of the actual idea, it defeats the purpose entirely)


[1] Source Beacon Studio [2] Planned by Amaahyaaj , Vadodara

Mela themes for mehndi functions, according to Vintage Nutter, are now passe and need to get off the tracks. Elements like hanging puppets, colourful curtains, pinwheels, etc. need to stop being a part of the wedding decors. 

Now you know which decors are going to leave sight in the forthcoming year!

Stay tuned to know wedding decors that are going to rule in 2018. 

Which all themes you DO NOT wish to see in 2018? Let us know in the comments below!

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