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Seal the Deal: Fabulous Engagement Rings For Brides in Under 40K

Anupriya Khanna, 14 May 2019

Already dreaming of that special moment when your man goes down on his knee & slips that dazzling rock on your finger? Also, dreading if he'll be able to pick that perfect sparkler for you or not? Well, we can feel you! An engagement ring is one of the most precious keepsakes of your marriage. Apart from holding traditional significant value, it is also one quintessential accessory that you have to wear for all your life. Which is why giving it enough attention should not be a choice but your utmost priority.

And while it was only recently when we had put forth the most gorgeous & expensive engagement celebrity rings for you to take inspiration from. This time around we've got you some affordable yet impressive engagement rings that won't burn a hole in your to-be hubby's pocket. Trust us, you're gonna love each one of them! Whether you're looking for some remarkably unique diamond rings with a halo setting, ones with personalizations or the timelessly classic bands, we've got the best engagement rings under 40K for you. Save your favorites and don't forget to show it to your hubby-to-be!

Glimmering Engagement Rings for Brides Under 40K

1. A radiant cut halo-set diamond ring 

Source PC Jeweller

(INR 27,829 | Buy HERE)

2. A rose gold wedding band with a central diamond surrounded with smaller ones

Source Candere

(INR 20,373 | Buy HERE)

3. The stunning moon and orbit ring

Source CaratLane

(INR 39,671 | Buy HERE)

4. An elegant multi-diamond cluster ring

Source CaratLane

(INR 29,828| Buy HERE)

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5. A unique wave sparkle ring

Source CaratLane

(INR 35,364 | Buy HERE)

6. The phenomenal teague diamond ring

Source PC Jeweller

(INR 32,503 | Buy HERE)

7. An alluring four band diamond ring

Source PC Jeweller

(INR 38,069 | Buy HERE)

8. A gorgeous diamond ring with floral settings

Source PC Jeweller

(INR 24, 402 | Buy HERE)

9. A personalized M Alphapet diamond ring

Source PC Jeweller

(INR 12,338 | Buy HERE)

10. A voguish floral edged diamond ring

Source PC Jeweller

(INR 20,087 | Buy HERE)

11. An emerald-cut halo-set diamond ring

Source PC Jeweller

(INR 37,276| Buy HERE)

12. A criss-cross patterned diamond band

Source CaratLane

(INR 27, 822 | Buy HERE)

13. A simplistic diamond band in platinum 

Source CaratLane

(INR 34,367 | Buy HERE)

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14. An oval-shaped halo-set diamond ring

Source Orra

(INR 30,880 | Buy HERE)

15. An edgy double band diamond ring with floral settings

Source Orra

(INR 34,385 | Buy HERE)

16. A graceful double band diamond ring

Source Orra

(INR 34,760 | Buy HERE)

17. A 3-cluster diamond ring in gold

Source Bluestone

(INR 39,364 | Buy HERE)


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