Engagement Goals: This Couple Privately Exchanged Rings in Paris & it's too Cool to be True!

Bhavika Vallecha, 27 Feb 2018

Talk about having an intimate wedding and we'll show you what literally intimate means. Two people enjoying the solace of their love, exchanging unhesitant smiles and blushes, getting hold of each other without thinking about people judging them, well that's really living the moment and not merely existing.

Alongside obeying the societal morals, it's necessary to be conscious of spending special moments with your partner. Could you barely image yourself exchanging the rings (mind you, it's not just a proposal/pre-wedding!) without your family and friends around? No right! Because probably we're glued onto the series of wedding ceremonies we commence. 

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Meet the couple, Ritika & Akshay who refused to share this serenity of their relationship with a huge crowd and rather opted to celebrate their engagement privately under the dreamy Eiffel Tower and romance in the air.

So cool, right? 

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The tale of a Private Engagement

One, it's too unconventional to get engaged privately in an entirely different country with a guest list of only 3 people—You, your love & the photographer.

What's more surprising is, this idea was born in a mom's brain. Can you believe it? Yes, Ritika's mom decided on sending their kids on a one-day trip before marriage just to exchange rings.

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That's too cool to be a mom's decision.

Ritika & Akshay decided to take a one day trip to Paris from London just for their private engagement. They took the Eurostar (High-speed rail service in the UK and mainland Europe) in the morning and returned later at night after celebrating their private engagement.

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Some real advice from a bride for her fellow brides

We're all in the same boat! But try not to let the chaos of planning make you forget that you're about to spend the rest of your life with the man of your dreams. 5 years on, we're probably going to forget the colour of the flowers or the print on the napkins or what the dal makhni on the menu tasted like. But what we won't forget, is the feeling that rushed through our mind and heart and probably every nerve when we first saw him at the wedding, waiting to make you his! Maybe we should spend more time understanding our feelings and counting our blessings, over anything else! <3

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